Gary LaPierre Just a few words this morning for anyone, all included, who may need a reminder on how dangerous the internet can be….particularly in the hands of young people.    Yes I understand the world-wide web is part of commerce and industry today and it has many, many benefits on the upside.         But the dangers on the downside could be emphasized by one billboard, depicting what happened to young Tyler Clemente at Rutgers University last week.

     If you’re not familiar with the Tyler Clemente story, Google it, but this bright young man is dead today because of the actions of his immature, homophobic, fellow student “friends” who didn’t have the brain development to understand what’s going on here.  Any legitimate news organization in the world today could have had access to the web-cam video that caused this young man to take his own life….but they never would have used it.   Believe me, “legitimate news” is a pretty loosely defined statement, but by that I mean there is an editor (for better or for worse), there is a named manager and thus there is accountability…somewhere.  Not on the internet.      No accountability anywhere, riddled with peril,  rife with mis-information and ripe for anyone not working with a full deck …to do great damage.       In this case…..directly causing a young man to die.

     I saw a medical study on one of the major networks the other day (I forget which one since they’re all  equally lacking) that said there is proof now that the brains in young people are not fully developed until at least age 25……not developed enough to consider all ramifications of their actions.     I am convinced of it!  

    Learn from the Computer Wiz maybe…..but…… BEWARE OF THE UNDEVELOPED BRAIN!

  1. Mary Tolic says:

    The thing that totally leaves me bewildered, is why a person could do such a dirty deed towards anyone. Whatever happened to the simple tenent “Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you”! If every person, young and old, could live by this, we would not have so many problems.

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