Gary LaPierre I confess to being a bit remiss in the regularity of my blogging, but I’m sure I’ve got a good excuse.  I’m not terribly sure what that will be right now….but I’ll think of something.

     So many things have gone on around here (and there) since I last pontificated, but I’m finally settled in at a new location (my Southern location) and I’ll try to get back on the stick.   Before I left Massachusetts (my Northern location) last week, there was quite a debate raging over the usefulness of banning texting-while-driving in the Commonwealth.    As a guy who actually vocalized against mandatory seatbelt use, you might think I’d be railing against this further intrusion by big brother.   I think the part of the new law (effective Nov. 1) that bans any cellphone use by drivers under 18 is a bit over the top……probably the safer thing to do, but get over it….it’s a fact of young people’s lives now.     The ban on texting….for all drivers, young and old, is a great idea.   Other than driving drunk, I can’t think of anything that even comes close to being as dangerous as texting while driving.    It’s a roadmap to disaster and should be banned…..everywhere!!!

     But having said that, the question comes…will it accomplish anything?    The answer is…. probably not.  Enforcement will be virtually impossible, it’s going to be one of those after-the-fact situations for sure……i.e. after the accident and cops checking mobile phone records.   Do you really think, even if a cop sees someone “texting while driving”, he’s going to pull that person over, listen to the driver say “No Sir, I was not texting”…so the officers then proceeds to spend a day or two subpoenaing phone records so he can write a $50 ticket?       I don’t think so.

     And by the way, to all the do-gooders including some talk show hosts who want to make texting a major crime….advocating jail sentences and long-term losses of licenses for texting while driving…….get over yourself.    It’s not going to happen.

     Full disclosure here:   At this very moment….I’m typing while drinking.    (A lovely Pinot Grigio)


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