Gas Prices Are Falling, What Else Is Dropping?

First it was the high gas prices, then came the cost of anything that had gas in the equation — the price of a ticket to fly, and the price of groceries because of trucking costs.

We were feeling the pinch everywhere, but now prices have drastically dropped, what about all the other things?

Terrijoan from Tewksbury writes on WBZ’s curiosity page: “Gas prices have been going down lately, which is great. Why aren’t the prices at the grocery stores coming down?”

Bridget in Bedford has a similar question: “Now that gasoline prices are coming down, when are companies like UPS and trucking companies going to stop adding fuel surcharges to company invoices?”

ico010x010bullet Gas Prices Are Falling, What Else Is Dropping? Find the lowest gas prices in your area.

“I’m sure everyone would tell you it makes more sense to get rid of it,” said Shane Sweet of the New England Fuel Institute. “They’re trying to recoup expenses they were eating on the way up.”

Sweet says some companies may not lift the surcharges right away, because they may have started charging them later than they should have. “They’re going to make that decision based on the math and the market.”

A small business owner told WBZ’s Jonathan Elias that his company is not charging the surcharge to gouge the consumer, he’s just trying to break even. He says the many of the surcharges will go away as long as the price of gas remains below $2.

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