Curious Why XMas Candles Still Burn In WindowsWBZ

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq play into the answer to a curiosity we received from Jill in Rockland.

She’s noticed that several homes still have Christmas candles lit in their windows, and Declared her Curiosity:

“Are all these people just lazy or does having the candles in your windows mean something?”

Well, we learned that the meaning is profound, especially this weekend.

“We put the candle in the window when the Iraq war started,” said Donna Lamb, of Hanover.

“I didn’t think it would be there quite this long,” she adds.

“I was so upset after 9-11,” says Cheryl Peterson, of Rockland.

Donna and Cheryl are friends.


For them, keeping a single candle lit is a way to remember.

“I see the candle in the window and I think of the troops, remembering they’re out there and this war is still going on,” said Donna.

“They fight for us, they give their lives, they sacrifice so much for us. So my candle is just a small, little gesture,” said Cheryl.

It’s personal for Cheryl.


She has a friend named Jimmy serving in Afghanistan.

She keeps in touch with him on Facebook.

“Usually once a week I send him a little something. ‘Stay safe Jimmy, thinking of you, like your new pic,'” she said.

For Donna this Memorial Day is different, because her son is now in the military.

Petty Officer Second Class Jason Lamb is in the Navy, but home for a visit.

When his mother put up the candle he was a high school kid with no idea that he would enter the service.

But the wars are still happening, and the candle is still lit.

“That means a lot,” said Jason. “It’s just nice to know that it’s up back home.”


The candle at the Lamb home has been lit for more than seven years.

Donna hopes that someday soon she’ll be able to turn the candle off, once and for all.

“I see kids coming home, or kids not coming home and it definitely hits home. Yeah, it makes it all more real,” she said.

“For anyone who has a loved one, I’m thinking of them, praying for them and just hoping for their child, or their husband, or wife a safe return,” said Cheryl.

The two friends live in two towns, but share a single sentiment.

One we can all hold in our hearts.

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