Curious Why There's So Many Ladybugs LatelyGetty Images

Have you noticed what seems like an explosion of ladybugs lately?

Several viewers have Declared Their Curiosity to WBZ.

Merlek wrote:

“Where are all the ladybugs coming from? I was “attacked” today while hanging my laundry.”

Ramonah wants to know:

“Why am I being invaded by hundreds of ladybugs today?”

Some people in Massachusetts are being invaded by ladybugs. Thousands moved on to Wendy Sullivan’s property in Bolton and for the past two days, have been soaking up the sun on the outside of her house and windows.

“I think it’s amazing and horrifying at the same time. I noticed it yesterday afternoon early in the afternoon. I was gonna come out and do yard work but was so freaked out, I decided to stay in and do windows,” Sullivan says, laughing.

Linda O’Brien of Ladybug Pest Control Services in Quincy, says she hadn’t received a call about ladybugs in 10 years but received three calls recently. She says they’re not pests, in fact they help gardeners in the spring and summer because they eat aphids, the bugs that destroy plants.

She says the ladybugs are looking for a place to hibernate, now that the weather is getting cooler.

“They go for the warmth. They’re trying to find a place to hibernate for the winter. That’s why people are gonna see them on the side of their houses… usually on the south side,” O’Brien says.

O’Brien says the amount of ladybugs may have increased this year because we’ve had such a rainy summer. She says there’s not much you can do to control them. If they get into your house, you can vacuum them.

If you want to try to prevent them from getting in, you could spray around the crevices of your windows outside. The bugs will eventually go away when the temperature drops for good.

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