Curious About Declaring A Federal Disaster

Many homeowners are still trying to recover from last week’s flooding.

Barbara from Middleboro Declared her Curiosity:

Why is it taking so long to have the area declared a federal disaster? At least people could receive some help.

WBZ-TV learned that a lot of progress has been made in that often long process, but flood victims are still going to have to wait awhile.

Federal disaster officials toured the damaged areas in the state and a formal request letter is being written.

Governor Patrick will then send that letter to the President asking for help.

A decision is typically made two to ten days after the letter is received, so it’s probably not going to happen before early next week.

ico010x010bullet Curious About Declaring A Federal Disaster FEMA’s Declaration Process

The good news is that once a disaster is declared, officials will set up a phone system and web site to begin accepting claims almost immediately.

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