pinkhat1 Ask A Pink Hat: Joey The Middle RelieverThe Red Sox are still playing over at Fenway so the guys sent Adolfo down to talk to another “Pink Hat.” This young lady says she’s been a Red Sox fan forever which according to her measure of time is 5 years. Can this young lady answer any of Adolfo’s question?

Comments (4)
  1. Rachel says:

    Fantastic as always.
    I want to be the contestant sometime.

  2. Cc says:

    Oh my god! Haha, why can’t people know who Clay Buchholz plays for?! He’s my absolute fave :) Wowww, these idiots are hilarious though!

  3. roger says:

    Really guys???? This has to be for entertainment purposes…..My 5 yr old daughter know what a pichers mound is!

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