Zeituni Onyango (WBZ-TV)

Zeituni Onyango (WBZ-TV)

President Barack Obama’s aunt, who lived for years illegally in South Boston, says in her first interview since being granted asylum that the United States has an “obligation” to grant her citizenship.

Zeituni Onyango tells WBZ-TV that she came to the U.S. from Kenya in 2000 but couldn’t afford to leave when she was originally denied asylum in 2004. She says she fell critically ill and was hospitalized. When she was discharged, she lived in a homeless shelter for two years before being assigned public housing.

She says she never asked for public assistance.

She also says President Obama, whom she referred to as “my child,” never intervened in her immigration case.

Onyango still lives in public housing and collects $700 monthly disability.

Click here to watch the WBZ-TV interview.

Comments (24)
  1. jkirwin says:

    What she is getting away with and has been getting away with makes me sick. Boot her out .

    1. MKeeler says:

      Why did Onyango end up in Ma?

      Was this a special favor from Deval to Obama?

  2. james campbell says:

    Why does she refer to Obama as her son?

  3. PAT says:

    We have NO obligation to this woman—-she has been living off of the U.S. TOO long !!!!!!

  4. Lissa says:

    What a pathetic person..and and even more pathetic government that can’t figure out a way to handle the illegal immigration situation I certainly feel no obligation to support this woman especially when her own family won’t

  5. wacko says:

    Auntie is right! As long as you are not a citizen, this country owes you everything.

  6. dianne says:

    In her interview she refers to the US as gods land and so is africa . She needs to go back where she came from and make the best of were god put her.

  7. Soquel by the Creek says:

    The link to the video appears to point to another story.

  8. Ana says:

    Sadly, her attitude is typical of too many who live off the system in this country. It’s too bad the powers that be in Boston won’t lift a finger to stop this woman from exploiting this country.

  9. BERTHA HART says:



    When we get to Social Security age as Americans we will not have any SS left. They are giving it to the illegals. We should not give them anything. If all the illegals were put out of this country we would not be having the problems we are having now with medical and school issues. We had to make our own way without Welfare or any other assistance and I am still kicking. Oh to let you know we were poor as church mice growing up. We have put 2 kids through college with no help from the Government. IT CAN BE DONE!!!!

    1. Sharon, I agree with your comment, “:If all illegals were put out of the country we would not be having the problems we are having now with medical and school issies…” I would just add that the problems illegals are causing extend far beyond medical and school issues. Crime, diseases, jobs, AND don’t forget the national security issues.

  11. Dewey says:

    Not only should she go back to where she came from, but Obama should also go back to where ever he came from.

  12. Hairy says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg under Obama’s agenda. How many times do we the tax payers of America need to hear our President and first lady say in clear terms “we need to spread the wealth” That’s exactly what Obama is doing and to hear his recipient aunt shamelessly say “it’s luck” is sickening. She get’s $700 per month disability!!! It’s time for all of us to go to work taking our country back and that starts with getting Obama and his inept team out of office in 2012.

  13. BARB says:

    Aunt Z is one brain dead person. I’m not surprised that Obama was elected but that there are still people out there who actually continue to support him! I don’t get it—he must think this country owes him too….(see it runs in the family)

  14. Chris says:

    I’m willing to pitch in for a plane ride back home.

    1. dino says:

      Put her in one of Obama’s 7 delusional states (I believe #57 would work nicely) She won’t have to pay any taxes, and she could live on assistance and subsidized housing…..Oh, my bad, she’s already doing that.

  15. A. Craigson says:

    Why has the WBZ-TV link to the interview with Zeituni Onyango been deleted/removed?

    The link now goes to a regional weather forecast.

    Is this a mistake……. or deliberate?

    Would WBZ-TV please restore the link to the original interview with Zeituni Onyango.

  16. Linda says:

    Our President should take on the support of his aunt and spread his own wealth around instead of allowing his aunt to be collecting from a sytem that is going broke….In a recent speech I heard him speak of a fact that people like him could pay more in taxes….
    Well Mr President the IRS takes checks and money orders…If you want to pay more in taxes just don’t take your deductions..and spend a little more on charitable causes…The last tax statement of the Presidents showed a very small charitable contribution in view of his income……..That’s the liberal/progressive attitude…Share other people’s money and not your own….
    Truly a Pathetic display put on by the Presidents auntie

  17. DAR DAR says:

    Another disgusting abuse of the public treasury yet they have the audacity to remind us that we are facing a reduction in government services. For every American that is still working such as myself to listen to ” our” political leaders talking about reducing the benefits to the unemployed yet avoiding the topic of benefits given to illegals it is a slap in the face of every working American.

  18. dufus says:

    I think in KENYA it is work or do without….. here you work and still do without as it goes to those like obamas aunti… Every single working american needs to vote in ANOTHER CHANGE OR TWO>>>>>>

  19. Vickey says:

    This is such BS I have paid into the system my whole life and am 57 yr.old, when I became disabled I had to fight for a year to get any help. I get a small check no help with housing, and to survive I must work part time, I am in pain all the time. It takes me 3 days to recover from working. Yet I try, But THIS WOMAN comes in and thinks we owe her. OBAMA should be helping her. What a piece of garbage. She has no business living here, especially with that attitude. MAKES ME SICK

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