865040b7 3f33 4353 8c0f 57234382737a big Igor whacks Bermuda

A tropical storm warning remains in effect for Bermuda today but the hurricane warning has been lifted.

Hurricane Igor kicked up furious waves and left many areas without electricity as it passed 40 miles west of the island.

Daybreak will see officials beginning the task of assessing the damage.

Michael Brennan at the National Hurricane Center has been tracking the storm.  He speaks with WBZ’s  Ed Walsh:

The storm, which had weakened to barely a Category 1 hurricane, battered Bermuda with sustained hurricane-strength winds of 75 mph.

Tom Lamb of Wayland, Massachusetts is one of the owners of the Pompano Beach Club in Bermuda.  He spoke with WBZ’s Ed Walsh:

Igor is forecast to veer northeast away from the United States, although forecasters say it will still cause high surf and strong rip currents along the U.S. eastern seaboard.


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