brady41 Felger & Mazz On: Patriot Predicament

(AP Photo)

The Patriots collapsed in the second half in their loss at the Jets Sunday, continuing a disturbing trend from last season. The guys dissect the issues facing the team on both sides of the ball, from the shallow personnel on defense to the questionable play-calling by the coaching staff.

Felger: “After intermission, they got the crap kicked out of them. It wasn’t even that competitive in the second half. So we play the blame game today, I think the problems are different on each side of the ball. One’s a talent issue- defense– and one’s a coaching issue- offense. In five of the six losses [in 2009], they were leading or tied at the half…Think about that! I can’t fathom another team in the league having such an awful record in the second half. Each of those losses, they got beat up coaching-wise and adjustment battle-wise. That happened all last year. Now, same story: up at half, losing the game. What a sea change from when they won three Super Bowls in four years…Those teams got stronger as the games went on. Those teams routinely won the adjustment battle. But recently? They’re not even competitive! Absolutely a continuation of last year, no question.”

Mazz: “You know what that was? That was last year all over again. They played well early in the game, and then they got away from what they did well. The play-calling sucked in the second-half, the execution sucked- everything sucked in the second half! Personally I’m not at all surprised they lost, because I thought the Jets were better than what we saw in the Monday Night game against Baltimore. I expected it to be tooth-and-nail, but they lost by two touchdowns!”

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  1. BosCreamPie says:

    Can we end this ‘Brady is in the top 2 QB’s in the league” stuff? Can we slowly stop talking about it? He may be in the top 10 but not by much.

  2. mark says:

    Tom e Curren just called out Felger on live TV

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