What am I doing.    It’s past my bedtime and here I am, writing a stupid-ass blog because I happened to watch the 10 o’clock news…or was it the eleven….I’m not sure….but it really doesn’t matter…..BECAUSE:Gary LaPierre

     The weather forecast was so wrong, Don Kent and every meteorologist who followed him must be rolling over in their respective graves.

     One thing I had to agree with…..Tom Brady said “we just sucked.”

     Lady Poo-Poo or Gaga or whatever… was the top story where she’s standing in front of 300 people somewhere in buttsville, Maine protesting the Senators vote up there against “don’t ask, don’t tell.”   Poo-Poo or Gaga….or whatever your name is….I promise not to ask… if you promise not to tell…because ya know what….I don’t give a rats____what you think and as many people said to lefty loony Barbra Streisand many years ago…”SHUT UP AND SING.”

      A group of economists  in Cambridge declared “the recession is over…it ended in 2009.”     Barack agrees….and it’s Bush’s fault.   Of course it is.

     A group of nutritionists in Boston is urging states to ban sugar-laden drinks such as Coke and Pepsi in all government buildings.   Of course we should, as opposed to telling people to “push away from the table and keep your mouth shut.”

    And the kicker that brought me downstairs to my blogging machine, Tommy Menino, the Mayor of Boston, explaining to researchers why……(speaking of “lefty loony”)…..Boston schools are among the most segregated in the country, overloaded percentage-wise with Latinos, blacks and Asians.   Simply put by simply Tommy:  “That’s where the Latinos, African Americans and Asians are…..they’re in Boston….they’re not in Wenham….they’re not in Wellesley…they’re not in Reading (my words)..they’re in Boston.”

     OK….I feel better now.    Good night!


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