Mayor Tom Menino announces his endorsement. (WBZ-AM)

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is backing Gov. Deval Patrick for re-election.

The mayor announced he was supporting his fellow Democrat after a joint appearance Friday in Boston’s South End.

Menino says Patrick is a leader, not a politician. He cited his work to boost education and economic development in Massachusetts.

Patrick says he considers Menino a mentor.

The governor is being challenged for re-election by Republican Charles Baker, independent Timothy Cahill and Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein.

Menino’s endorsement is no surprise, given that Patrick and Menino share party ties. But it could boost the governor’s re-election prospects by placing Menino’s field organization at his disposal.

Menino was re-elected last fall and is now the city’s longest-serving mayor.

  1. bob says:

    50% of Bay Staters think Deval Patrick is a wonderful governor. 50% of Bay Staters must be on crack.

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