Gary LaPierreIt’s really quite a kick, watching the news flow from outside the business.   As a former whack-job colleague of mine said several years ago “we’ll be back with more alleged news in a moment.”

     For example:  The man in charge of the state Treasury, who wants to be the state’s chief executive, forgot to pay some state taxes.   Sure enough, two more state office holders, past and present, apparently made the same mistake.  Here’s another:  A contractor was making illegal donations to several Massachusetts Congressmen and they didn’t know it. :-)       But if you were thinking Massachusetts is corrupt, which it is….too the core……Jim Traficant is running for office again out in Ohio and now that he’s completed his jail term for racketeering, fraud and corruption, he’ll probably win.     Just one of the many reasons why Cleveland is also the bed bug capital of the country.    eewww!!!!

     More alleged news:  Smokers are reportedly kicking the habit by switching to electronic cigarettes.   Brilliant…and more proof it must be the tobacco causing the brain damage in the first place.  In deference to full disclosure, I’m a former smoker (25-years ago) and still don’t understand why people don’t just quit.   And don’t tell me “they can’t.”    They won’t !!

     And speaking of the ultimate in “alleged news”…..if you believe that wrinkled peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia had anything what-so-ever to do with the release of that knucklehead from Boston who got  locked up in North Korea, I’ll bet you also believe Barack has a snowballs chance in Hell of getting the Israeli’s and the Palestinians to stop throwing rocks at each other…as they’ve done for two thousand years.

     This is nothing more than two world leaders taking advantage of a rookie who has over-promised and under-delivered since the day he was mistakenly put into office.

Comments (3)
  1. Richard Perez says:

    God bless the memory of the great Jack Cole!! He hit it right on the button! We all miss you, Gary…..

  2. Bill Newgent says:

    Sir I worked with Jack Cole for many years. I find your pathetic “whack-Job” comment puzzling. What could a brilliant man who is sadly now deceased possibly have done to you that find it necessary to insult him in a piece that has nothing to do with him. Are you that intellectually deficient?

  3. Linda Marx Cole says:

    For being such a whack-job, you didn’t mind quoting my husband’s now famous “alleged news” remark throughout your rant.

    On this night of our wedding anniversary, I only wish he were here with me and also able to give his millions of listeners and viewers more alleged news.

    There was only one Jack Cole and everybody misses him.

    I feel sorry for you whoever you are that you never really knew Jack. If you did, I’m quite sure your comments would be different. His brilliance is missed by everyone who had the good fortunate to know or hear him speak. From the right or from the left. I love you, Jack. Happy Anniversary.

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