Gary LaPierreI went car shopping over the weekend and while I still had ugly memories of what the process entailed a few years ago, I thought maybe things have changed.    They haven’t and I’m still trying to figure out why every car sales weasel has to say “what do we have to do to put you into this car….TODAY?”   Damn I hate that!

    First we went to a high-end car dealership and the treatment was 1st class from start to finish.  Took one car for a test drive, got some ballpark prices on the value of my trade-in vs. the new car price, told the man “thank you” and left, promising we’d think it over.    Simple right?    Wrong!

     Next stop….your average mid-priced new car dealership.   Just getting out of my car in the parking lot, we’re immediately pounced upon by a sales dude.  I won’t bore you with all goof-ball pitches in-between, but after our test drive, its back to the sales weasels desk to talk prices.    He danced a lot before even admitting this car came with a price tag, but then for the second time he asked..”what do we have to do to put you into this car..TODAY?”    For the second time I said, “we’re not going to make a decision until next week.”   The dude excused himself and was back in a flash with super dude.   Now we’re being double-teamed.   Gold bracelet and neck chain, punked-up hair, glossy fingernails and $18 chinos and this guy says “Mr. and Mrs. LaPierre, you can tell me….what can I do to put you two lovely people in this car…TODAY?”   OMG I hate that!

     I told the guy I’d call him.   I won’t.   I love my present car.   Honest!


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