casino Gov. stands firm on casino bill

Gov. Deval Patrick is standing firm on the casino bill and says he will not sign the bill passed in the Massachusetts Senate 25-15 last night.

The governor objects to the bill because it contains a provision for two slot parlors. Patrick favors one parlor.

The Senate passed the bill late last night less than half an hour before the legislative session came to its scheduled end at midnight.  It’s not clear if lawmakers will reconvene to continue work on the bill.

Comments (3)
  1. JB says:

    good for deval
    nice to see someone finally stand up against the phonies from the house and senate

  2. Rick Abdou says:

    I live near the Plainville Track. Even though I don’t go there often it appears like they are starving depending on horse racing alone. It is probably the difference of these tracks surviving and even adding jobs.

  3. Anne Rivers says:

    Definitely wouldn’t vote for him again if he doesn’t vote for the gambling bill in front of him.

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