health State will conduct aerial spray to combat EEE

Gov. Deval Patrick is saying state health officials are preparing to do an aerial spray in Southeastern Massachusetts to try to reduce the risk of eastern equine encephalitis.

The governor said the levels of EEE that have been discovered in mosquitoes is the highest in decades and said it is a major public health risk.

Patrick said the state’s department of public health will conduct the aerial sprays in Plymouth and Bristol counties beginning next week.

To keep safe Patrick advises the public to use bug spray and wear long sleeve shirts and pants when outside. He also said members of the public should consider rescheduling outdoor activities planned for the early morning or the early evening.

No human cases of EEE have been reported this year.

  1. chuck ochs says:

    And WHAT exactly does this superficial bit of news mean? What kind of poison are they going to dump on us? For how long?. WBZ owes the public a LOT more information about this. Maybe time to move to another area?

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