AP file

AP file

Gov. Deval Patrick wants state lawmakers to stay beyond Saturday’s official end of their current session to pass some of his top legislative priorities, but Senate President Therese Murray says lawmakers will not do so.

Patrick told reporters Wednesday that he wants the House and Senate to meet beyond Saturday if necessary to pass economic development and criminal records bills, among others.

But later Wednesday Murray told reporters that she had no intention of staying past Saturday.

Under the Legislature’s rules, lawmakers have to halt their formal sessions on July 31 of election years. They can continue to meet, but the objection of a single lawmaker can block a bill.

The rules were instituted after complaints that outgoing lawmakers were passing controversial legislation while lame ducks.

  1. sara livermore says:

    The legislature should stay in session until all the bills before it are dealt with. They will be gone for five months! Their pay doesn’t stop; neither should they.

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