WBZ-TV file

WBZ-TV file

A Pittsburgh woman has been arrested on allegations she defrauded advertisers and exhibitors out of thousands of dollars for a fake bridal show in Boston.

Authorities say Karen Tucker and an uncharged coconspirator posed as representatives of a business known as The Boston 411. They allegedly led a booking agency to believe they would hold a home and bridal show at the Hynes Convention Center in March.

Prosecutors say Tucker and the other person collected fees in advance from exhibitors, but used most of the money for personal expenses.

Authorities say Tucker conducted similar scams in Ohio, Florida, Maryland, Nevada and Texas.

Tucker is to appear in federal court in Pittsburgh Tuesday afternoon and will face charges face charges of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in Massachusetts. It isn’t immediately known if she has a lawyer.

Scam victims can e-mail police at victims.bpd@cityofboston.gov.  Victims should include their name and the amount that they paid.

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  1. Stan Portman says:

    If anyone desires to buy a bridge…

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