grogan Grogan Audio: "This is a man who wasn't a good person."

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Former New England Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan joined Felger and Massarotti to discuss the passing of Jack Tatum.  Tatum was responsible for the paralyzing hit on Darryl Stingley.  Was it a cheap shot?  And what kind of person was Jack Tatum?  Finally, the guys discuss the direction the game.  Is football safer today?

Steve Grogan on Felger and Massarotti:

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  1. T Bone says:

    Real bush league by Grogan to take shots at a man when he’s dead…..real bush league by this radio station to lead Grogan down that road in the interview….wackness all the way around

    1. Humans do matter says:

      What an awful, dirty hit during a meaningless preseason game which left a fine man in a wheelchair and crippled for life with all kinds of ailments. Truly awful. Human football players don’t hit a guy helmet-first, under the chin, in the air as Stingley was coming down. Even the three-year old would know that the receiver would be permanently injured. Then to brag about it; To suggest that he was more a man for worse-than-killing a fine man. Truly a display of what is most wanting and crass, and perhaps evil, in mankind. Very sad.

  2. soxfn247 says:

    I don’t know who T-bone is but he needs to realize what bad person Jack Tatum was. Not only was he on a team full of drug addicts he was a guy that couldn’t keap his mouth shut. He was a bad person for never appologizing the Darry the right way. I don’t believe that Felger and Mazz led Grogan down the wrong road. If you listened then you heard Grogan being truthful about how he feal about Jack.

    1. SJ Potter says:

      Do you know any of those men on the team? No, you do not. Tatum played football one way full steam ahead. It was a clean hit. So grow up. Too bad tatum couldn’t lay a hit on Grogan and break his long neck!

  3. Raiderfan says:

    The entire Stingley incident is sad beyond words. Now Grogan (and the announcer) has joined in with his own displayed of classlessness, similar to that of Tatum. From what I can tell, Tatum never found the strength or courage to face Stingley – that certainly raises questions about his character. Now these yahoos respond in a manner that can only make me question their character. I can see no reason for the kicking a dead guy attitude. Good guy? Bad guy? I’ve no clue, however to have such a callused attitude toward a person’s death is pretty heartless in my book. In Grogan’s own words it was a hit the he’s “seen hundreds of times” without any resulting injury. The NFL was different in the 70’s and hits like the one the injured Stingley were common. As I remember it, this was not a cheap shot in that era. The outcome was awful and Patriot and Raider fans alike recoiled at the hit and the aftermath. My guess is the situation was probably more complex than we’ll ever know. We should all take a page from Stingley’s life and be willing to forgive. Don’t let petty football rivalries exacerbate an already sad, sad situation.

    1. Could Care Less What Team Tatum Played For... says:

      About ten years ago, Tatum tried to stage a meeting with Stingley. Stingley was thrilled, until he found out that Tatum was only doing it because he had a new book coming out, and the whole thing was a stunt for Tatum to profit from.

      Grogan is sorry that he feels the way he does, and he’s honest. Ten years ago, my aunt and cousin were murdered in Florida, and the guy who killed them later killed himself (after killing yet another person, of course). I don’t pretend to think nice things of the man who did it, and I don’t think Grogan is a “yahoo” or has done anything to have his character questioned for having feelings.

      Lastly, I’ve lost patience for people who try to use the excuse “it wasn’t a cheap shot in that era.” Slavery was legal once, but that doesn’t mean it was ever right or excusable. Tatum went for Stingley’s head in a meaningless exhibition game, and while that was bad, Tatum’s lack of compassion afterwards was worse, and worst of all is the fact that he tried to profit from it. Grogan is right. Tatum wasn’t a good person.

      1. Neutral Fan. says:

        I think I would have to agree. It was not so much the hit, but the actions after. It is each ones word against the others. But with Tatum, He claims the family kept him away, but that didn’t stop him from showing up at his door, for his own gain. Steve Grogan has always been one of the better football people when discussing anything. He has always been truthful and down to earth. He must have a solid reason for his comments. Tatum and Stingley are both dead. In death, both are in memories of people still living. Tatum continued down a track that showed no remorse for Stingley. His actions speak for themselves. Bad people make these actions. Stingley flourished in his own way, even though his fate was not all of his doing. He was a good person.

  4. Derek says:

    Jack tatum is and was a db…. wold is better off withoutv him

  5. T says:

    Jack Tatum was lower then dirt.

  6. Jesse says:

    Props to Felger in Massarotti for having Grogan on. And props to Grogan for speaking his mind.

    Tatum never showed any compassion for what he did. He tried to market himself as a murderous “assassin”

    Take off your skull shoulder pads and wake up…If you wanna listen to garbage and be sad about this guy, go watch ESPN. They’re just pretending like there was no Darryl Stingley.

  7. Bill H. says:

    To T Bone and Raiderfan: Thank God this piece of crap is dead. He was an aweful human being and the world is a better place today.

  8. Kevin Palm says:

    Steve is and always has…talked the truth. These days, that is not normal by many peoples standards. I know Steve personally and to see some of these off center thoughts below, is shocking. I had met Stingley and his wife. Very classy in the demise. As with Steve, ” I agree. Tatum will not be missed. Bush League…I think not!

  9. PaulMelk says:

    To TBone and Raiderfan: Bad people should be called bad people, dead or alive. Jack Tatum was a bad person. I personally don’t throw that kind of stuff around casually, and don’t generally judge people I do not know personally. In this case it is warranted and even necessary. Too often lowlifes like Tatum have their scumbag lives glossed over when they die, as if dying makes up for there horribly led lives.

  10. DUDEOUTTATN says:

    Even though I am a die hard Raider Fan. I really use to like Steve Grogan. But what a loser he really is. He probably feels guilty for throwing the pass that lead to Darryl Stingley being paralyzed he is responsible for the hit. But what a loser on the field and off to make a statement like that.

    1. Neutral Fan. says:

      Not really following you here. Steve Grogan is a good guy. It has nothing to do with the hit. Just Tatums actions after. The hit was an unfortunate incident. Tatum was a bad person. Dead or Alive.

  11. Bubba says:



    These fools on the radio are horrible at reporting the facts

    Not a SINGLE person from the Patriots when to visit him in the hospital. MADDEN did, TATUM tried to but the family did not allow it.

    Felger and Mass are clueless blowhards

  12. Avid Ohio State Buckey Fan says:

    Grogan, You were a “LOOSER” in your playing days, and will always be. The Bears proved that when they “slapped” you around like a “punk”, that you are You even admitted that it was NOT a “CHEAP” shot on this radio show. Jack Tatum was a winner. At Ohio State, Woody Hayes demanded toughness, and to not “smile” when you tackle a opposing player. I really believe that Jack did try to extend to Darrly, “before” the book and T.V. interview. You speak on something that you were not there to witness.

    I blame Felger and Massarotti the most for trying to make a sad situation of a mans death into ratings for there show. How low can you go guy’s???? Bush league in my world

    Jack Tatum was a class act, a tough player, and a winner. Too bad Boston cannot accept a tragic fate on “both” players.

    1. Joe Bove says:

      You are one deluded Buckeye fan.

  13. Tx4Life says:

    Being the best at what you were paid to do makes you a bad person? He was a Football Player ; A Safety, who was paid to knock the hell out of opposing players, so, He did was he was paid to do and now he’s criminal. So I guess the list grows? Ronnie Lotts a Thug, Cliff Harris, Mel Blount, John Lynch! Look I was injured badly in a game, (temp paralyzed) no one oppologized to me, neither did I expect one – It wasn’t going to change the situation! It also doesn’t matter that it was a preseason game, “You play to win the game!” It was Stingley’s time and Grogan’s an idiot for letting this linger. Stingley forgave the man. Both player are dead and gone — Let It Go !

  14. Joe Bove says:

    The horribleness of the hit that he put on Stingley was surpassed only by his behavior afterward, which included standing over his victim and taunting him (this is a fact). Tatum deserves no respect, before or after his death.

    1. Joe Bove says:

      What he deserved was a prison sentence and a life of being shunned by all decent people.

  15. arnold taylor says:

    It was said by Steve Grogan that Jack Tatum tried to make money off of the Stingly hit
    ,what did he think ESPN was doing when they did an OTL report on the incident awaile back. Ronnie Lott is respected by any one who knows anything about football and he does not have a bad thing to say about Tatum I think it is very bad for Grogan to say something as disrepectful about a guy that just died, Tatum has done some good things for alot of people.That one hit should have not be his cross to bear. These radio guys are maggets too. They were playing football not hanging on the corner. My prayers are w/the Stingley family as well as the Tatum family. RIP JACK TATUM .

  16. arnold taylor says:

    It was said by Steve Grogan that Jack Tatum tried to make money off of the Stingly hit
    ,what did he think ESPN was doing when they did an OTL report on the incident awaile back. Ronnie Lott is respected by any one who knows anything about football and he does not have a bad thing to say about Tatum I think it is very bad for Grogan to say something as disrepectful about a guy that just died, Tatum has done some good things for alot of people.That one hit should have not been his cross to bear. These radio guys are maggets too. They were playing football not hanging on the corner. My prayers are w/the Stingley family as well as the Tatum family. RIP JACK TATUM .

  17. Mark says:

    RIH (Rest In Hell), Jack Tatum…
    To all of you clueless Patriot haters…Jack Tatum WAS a cheapshot artist, always was a headhunter.
    The only times he tried to show any remorse was when he tried to promote his books, but most people saw through him.
    You can by his books on the net for 99 cents…Which is about what his life was worth anyway for a drunken drug user!

    1. Chuck says:

      All these fools talkin trash about a legal hit 30yrs ago. I bet not one of you fools that rip Tatum for the hit played real football. Every real player knows the risk. Tatum had nothing to apologize for, it was a freak accident type result of a vicious clean hit. They are both in heaven and football is not a topic to them there so grow up raider haters and show some class.

  18. telwin says:

    I don’t get the negative comments? When I listen to the audio – in its entirety – I don’t hear anything, but a view from someone who was there; and makes a great case for the Oakland Raiders who showed Stingley support visiting the hospital for extended stays: John Madden and his wife, went above and beyond a typical compassion for Stingley’s health with emotional support.

    I read Singley’s “Happy to be Alive”, which you can get for about $0.01 on Amazon, it is a good read about that era of the NFL, the New England Patriot franchise, the situation, and the environment Stingley lived in after: compassion.

    Tatum was not interested in Stingley, until Tatum was moved by financial gain from the incident. Only then did Tatum try to manipulate Stingley for publicity and to capitalize.

    To call out Grogan just does not jib with reality, let alone shows a lack of listening to the 8 minute audio with an open mind. For almost 2 decades Grogan was the only compass bearing of class for the New England Patriots and emblematic of football played hard, without excuse, and beyond tolerable pain thresholds: played without excuses.

  19. Jim P. says:

    It;s a shame a lot of people weren’t there when this happened and what was said after the hit. Tatum, to our knowledge, never apologized and never acknowledged that it was a bad hit, not illegal, but unnecessary. Whoever said that he tried to reach Stingley is not telling the truth. Tatum always said that he nothing to apologize about, he said this on television and the radio. This is what angered everyone who knew Darrell. After years of healing, Darrell was finally able to work, with the help of a wheelchair, powered with a motor, for the NFL. He was a great example of what a true man should be. Not like the “assassin”, which is what Tatum loved to be called. I’m not making this up. He said this in an interview. He said he was paid to put the hurt on anyone in his vicinity and too bad if that player was hurt. He always said Stingley should not look for an apology, because he did nothing wrong. True, but you should show some decency and concern when you destroy a man’s life forever, and not try to make money by writing a book about it. He was proud of what he did, and that’s not the sign of a human being, but that of an animal.

  20. Sports Fan says:

    The problem with Grogan’s statement is off course he will never forget . I’m sure Darryl being on his team , how could he think of Tatum in any other way . You see we do not know… The game at that time , that was a good hit . Was Jack trying to end Darryl career ? They say he only reached out to make money . Was that the only way he could earn ? To many question we can not answer for us to past judgement .

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