staff keller1 Keller At Large 07/23/2010

John Keller previews his vacation. \

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  1. Efrem says:

    I am heading on vacation also Mr. Keller, I am heading for New Mexico and staying away from a computer as much as possible

  2. Bill Bent says:

    I just heard your commentary re Obama Compromise. I was complete capitulation, not the art of the possible. Obama PLEDGED not to extend the tax custs for the wealthy! In two years the GOP will probably have enough majority votes to make the custs permanent. $700 billion over 10 years!

    If the custs were left to expire, they (the GOP) might not have the votes to bring them back. That $700 billion will be taken out of Social Security at some point. Way to go Mr President!

    I’d like to see the GOP refuse to extend unemployment benefits in a stand alone bill. They wouldn’t dare.

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