dwade Felger & Mazz On: Dwyane Wades 9/11 Comment

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Tony Massarotti and guest host Dave Goucher reflect on Dwyane Wade’s recent comments on 9/11. Who is at fault here: Dwyane Wade? Or the media for taking his comments out of context?

Massarotti: “We speak in hyperbole in the sports world all the time. We exaggerate everything. I sometimes refer to a Red Sox road trip, if they go 2-8, I would say the Red Sox had a disastrous road trip. To me, some things are self evident. When we speak of a road trip being disastrous, we’re talking about within the context of the world of sports. Somewhere along the line people got so hypersensitive you couldn’t say anything with any type of connection to the real world without pissing somebody off. In this case, this Wade comment, which I deemed utterly harmless, if he had said ‘You guys would all make it seem like World War II’, would people be upset? I still don’t know what he’s apologizing for. These are those times where I happen to agree with the athletes. They can’t say anything without somebody jumping down their throat, micro analyzing, dissecting everything they say, and reading into something when all he meant was ‘You guys [media] are going to make this into a much bigger deal than I am. It’s 3 basketball games it’s not the end of the world.'”

Goucher: “Sometimes your eyes glaze over at all the cliques that are used day to day by the athletes. We rail against it because it’s the same old stuff with not a lot of originality to it. What’s the biggest catastrophe you can imagine? 9/11 is certainly right up there on anyone’s list. That was the point he was making. That’s a catastrophe. Not if you lose 3 games in a row. Now he’s got to issue an apology for something that was not meant in any negative way. It makes you wonder why athletes, as much as we hate it when it’s the same old spiel, you wonder why athletes even say anything even remotely off the quote sheet. It’s not worth this. It’s not worth the grief you’re going to get to stray off the normal run of the mill quotes. The point was they’re going to lose some games. It’s not a big deal. It’s NOT 9/11.”

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  1. JJ says:

    Thank you guys, for dealing with the so-called Wade quote accordingly. The dreaded dot-dot-dot (…) is the bane of existence when it comes to free-speech. So many times an out of context ‘quotation’ is used to make a point or to marginalize a particular person, and it seems rampant in the sports world. I’m not a fan of Wade or the Heat triumvirate, except to wish defeat upon them all, but the question to me is: will AOL Fanhouse apologize for misquoting him? Aren’t those reporters as accountable for the media storm that ensued when they chose to omit key words from the actual quote? Isn’t the media outlet or the reporter as liable for the outrage? This actually happens quite often and, while I’m a big fan of all things sports and an advocate for the free-press, when the given media manipulates the public sentiment via the oft used lie-by-omission as a form of misquotation, they should be held as accountable as any player. They should spin the whole spiel or leave it alone.

  2. brendan says:

    he shouldnt of said it….but its not a big deal

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