Hour 1:

  • Toucher, Rich and Wallach open the show by talking about the Red Sox lineup and cap, the British Open and the J Geils Band.
  • Rich’s obsession with “Inception”- All weekend he has been watching “Inception” threads on Facebook since he has to be home and sober with his wife so close to giving birth. Fred suggests porn, but Rich’s religion prevents him from purposely seeking out naked women.
  • Male Bag- Different Strokes 8 Ball makes a brief return, the guys get no credit for Lester interview and Adolfo was seen walking down the street…and it was awkward. But was he happy? Probably not since  he was dragged to another wrestling match in some high school gym.

Hour 2:

  • More rants from Fred- His mother-in-law, AKA Bubbie, is in town. When Fred tried playing a Christmas Winnie the Pooh DVD because that was the only Pooh DVD he had, she got upset.  Fred also complains about how he isn’t allowed to swear, how he almost had to pick his sister-in-law up from the airport, Bubbie’s procrastination in taking Milo to the park and how she would rather have him play in the front yard near traffic than in a wet back yard.
  • Some instant feedbacks about Fred’s rants.
  • Replay of Jon Lester interview.
  • Red Sox talk- They are fighting for the wild card race.

Hour 3:

  • Red Sox ratings are down.
  • Drunken Red Sox Recap.
  • Will Doc Rivers leave for Miami Heat next year?
  • More Lebron and Heat discussion. Michael Jordan said he would have never done with Lebron did.

Hour 4:

  • Rich plays with his new phone application, Fat Booth. Pictures can be found here.
  • Lebron has a confusing tweet. Apparently it is lyrics to a Rick Ross song.
  • The guys continue their talk about the Gary Carter signing. It turns out the man who was videotaping Carter refusing then giving in to a signing has a vendetta against him. He has a whole youtube account dedicated to how much Carter sucks.
  • T & R talk about the things they own that are autographed.
  • Drunken Red Sox Recap- Sir Smacks-A-Lot.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Lip smacking, “Inception,” etc.
  • Crossover- Rich plays with Fat Booth some more.

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