Hour 1:

  • Technical difficulties- Fred and Rich are having headphone problems, especially Fred.  He is hearing traffic reports or something. The guys tinker with that for a while.
  • John Daly- He is wearing some whacky florescent clothes. Rich plays a few Daly clips.
  • Male Bag- Some Tim Wakefield talk.

Hour 2:

  • Apparently the company that owns the Farmville application on Facebook is worth between 4 and 5 billion dollars.
  • Fred’s mom replay, along with Rich’s remix of “Butterfly Kisses.”
  • Favre at it again- He speaks out about the interception he threw. The segment also covered Favre at the ESPYs and training camp.
  • Freddy’s back into the groove when he lashes out at caller Paul who says Favre wouldn’t be a story if it weren’t for them. Instead, Paul suggests they talk about Ellsbury…again.

Hour 3:

  • Comedian Bill Burr joins the program via phone and talks about Brett Favre and the Lebron decision, which was like a bad coming of age movie. The girl is supposed to pick the geek, not choose the jerk quarterback.
  • T&R play a clip of a Gary Carter signing. A man videotapes kids asking him for an autograph. Carter refused because he already autographed the papers he’s supposed to. The guy with the camera threatened to put it on youtube.
  • Jon Lester calls in and talks about the All Star game and how long it was before it got started. He also talks about Adrian Beltre’s role and how it was awkward in the Red Sox locker room when Ellsbury returned. And it is true that Lester said he would get hit by lightning before he got a pizza with Hanley Ramirez.
  • Wallach pouts about being shut out of the Lester interview.
  • Another Mel Gibson tape- Before hearing the clip we learn that Mel’s ex wife is backing Mel up, saying he was never abusive towards her. The tapes may also be doctored, and Oksana has reportedly extorted Mel.

Hour 4:

  • Everyone misses the Faster Guy.
  • Sammy Morris calls in- Toucher, Rich and Wallach ask how he knows Scott Zolak. After the guys tease Zolak on his softball skills, or lack thereof, Zolak runs in with a roll of toilet paper trying to defend himself.
  • Morris talks about Brady’s contract and football camp.
  • Rich Goes to the Movies- “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and a musical review of “Inception.” This is the first movie in one year that Rich has given a 5 out of 5.
  • Bristol and Levi are getting a reality show. Sarah Palin must be ecstatic.
  • Watch out for a barber who spent all night at Foxwoods if  you want to keep your eyebrows…Wallach.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- A Lebron pendant was found at a yard sale and the girl who found it had to give it back.
  • Is Adolfo depressed?

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