Hour 1:

  • Freddy’s back! What kind of name is Zoey? While DA was taking over for him, he had fun Googling clothed women.
  • Male Bag- Does anyone care about the All-Star game? Apparently not since it had the lowest ratings ever. Mel’s career is not over. Lebron.  The British Open.

Hour 2:

  • And the floodgates open- Fred talks about the birth of his child, something that should have been happy. Instead he was frustrated with his his mother asking about what the handyman should do while he’s at the hospital and his dad only caring about the house flooding.
  • ESPY Awards-  Chris Johnson’s speech…who’s following him on Twitter anyway? Another awful singer who will probably explode in fame.  In Seth Meyer’s speech he brings up “The Decision,” and Lebron’s peers turn on him. Will Ferrell does a “Jeff Vuvuzela” skit.

Hour 3

  • British Open- Rory McIlroy is the new up and comer.
  • Fred- He continues his stories about being on maternity leave with his parents around. His mom thought she lost her credit card but didn’t, his dad thought Stephanie’s car died but he was using his own car keys, his mother was nagging him over a new couch and more. And to top it all off, Bubbie arrived three hours after they left.
  • Tim Daloisio calls in and talks Red Sox. Where Okajima fails, the Sox might need a lefty reliever. Scott Downs and Sean Burnett are two guys to look at. The guys also talk about Ellsbury.
  • Another Mel tape- This time he’s upset because Oksana fell asleep when she should have been *&^@ing Mel in the hot tub.

Hour 4:

  • Tiger looks like he’s going to cry at the British Open.
  • Vince Wilfork calls in- Talks about the Help Vince Campaign, which helps him stay connected to fans and T.O.
  • Toucher’s mom calls in- She confirms all the stories Fred told earlier.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Covers Mel and Roman Polanski.
  • Crossover

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