peno1 Woman to be arraigned in toddler son's death

A Rehoboth woman accused of first-degree murder in the beating death of her 2-year-old son will answer to the charge in Fall River Superior Court.

Kim Peno was indicted last week by a Bristol County grand jury. The 39-year-old is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.

Peno has been held without bail since her arrest in March. She pleaded not guilty during an earlier appearance in district court. Her lawyer at the time said she had mental health issues.

Timothy Peno’s father brought the severely injured toddler to a police station shortly after midnight on March 18. The boy died later in the day.

The father, Joseph Peno, was not charged.

timothypeno 1 Woman to be arraigned in toddler son's death

  1. lori says:

    I have a 2 year old myself as well as 3 older children. Everytime I hear or read about a story like this, well it just makes me want to hug my kids a little bit tighter and give them one more kiss before I go to work. I feel so bad for this little boy.

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