101161345 e1277938789381 The Baseball Reporters Show Recap 6/30

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Today on The Baseball Reporters Show, Tony Massarotti talked about John Lackey’s start last night, his best in a Red Sox uniform. Also, J.D. Drew is out of the lineup tonight and some of the callers were upset that he would take a night off knowing his team is banged up.

Tony thinks that it is all too easy to give Jason Varitek the credit for John Lackey’s performance last night. But he won’t. Tony looked back on Lackey’s career, and historically this is the time of year when he starts to go on a run.

Tony on Jason Varitek, “With Victor Martinez out, at least they can put in a guy back there who can handle the staff. He’s not the defensive catcher he was but he can still handle balls in the dirt, and he can handle the game”.

Also, J.D. Drew was a late scratch for tonight’s game vs. the Rays which sparked a lot of criticism from some of the callers.

John in the car said that he is tired of the sabermetrics with this guy [Drew] and he’s not worth the $14 million a year. With the team hurting all over the field the way it is, basically a AAA All-Star team out there, John is upset that J.D. can’t play through the pain of a stiff neck and give his team some much needed help.

Tony goes on to say that J.D. Drew is a good player, not a great player, and that some of his criticisms are legit. The Red Sox are 2 games up on Tampa, with a real chance at burying them, and they could have really used J.D. Drew out there. Tony understands that most of J.D.’s criticism comes from his salary.

Tony on J.D. Drew, “The salary is not his fault. It’s the team’s fault”.

The Red Sox will look to sweep the Rays for the 2nd straight time this season. Daisuke Matsuzaka gets the start tonight and will be opposite Matt Garza for the Rays.


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