Hour 1: The guys review the NBA Draft and question some of the picks.  The guys talked about Bruins trading. Fred believed that Savard will be gone by morning.  Callers call in to discuss about Savard and the speculate why the team would want to get rid of Marc Savard.

Hour 2: Kenny Florian, who grew up in Dover, joined the show unexpectedly. Though the guys were unprepared for an interview, they talked about him fighting in TD Garden. He thought there would be a fight in Massachusetts two years ago, but the organization had to cut through red tape to get it done, i.e. educating legislators and the general public about the sport and safety records. To date, he has not had to fight any punks on the street who want to put him to the test. Instead, he disappears like a ninja so no lawsuits come his way.

The Adolfo Vuvuleza Challenge:  Fred Asks Adolfo 5 questions while Jon Wallach and Rich start blowing the horns in his ear as loud as possible.  It gets very loud and distracting after the first question and chaos ensues.  The guys question how people at the World Cup can blow these things for hours on end.

Hour 3: The guys talk with Bob Beers about the 2010 NHL draft this evening and why the team may want to trade Marc Savard.  They discuss the possible lines and potential top scorers if Savard is to be traded.  Nathan Horton, the newest Bruin by way of the Dennis Wideman Trade to Florida, joins T&R to discuss his old team and about his excitement about coming to the Bruins.  The guys bring Back Jeff Goodman, Fox Sports.com Senior Basketball Writer, to discuss the 2010 NBA draft.

Hour 4: Epic movie review of “Grown Ups,” which was beaten over our heads in promotions and shot in Wareham, Mass. Rich also did a great musical movie review of the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie shot in Massachusetts, “Knight and Day.” John C. Riley and Jonah Hill’s independent film, “Cyrus” was also reviewed.

Tiger Woods talk: He paid Elin 250 million. Could it be so she won’t write a book? In the what if game, Rich believes that Tiger would lose more endorsements if he knocked a girl up and paid for an abortion than if it turns out he’s gay.

You Listened, Now Discuss.


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