Toucher & Rich Podcast: 6/18/10

bw1 Toucher & Rich Podcast: 6/18/10

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Today on Toucher & Rich: The Male Bag, reaction to Game 7, Brian Scalabrine calls in, and we experience technical difficulties with our phone connection with Bill Walton.

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  • Ryan


  • Someone Finally Shuts Up Bill Walton | Ted Williams Head

    […] I’m sick of hearing Bill Walton lament about how important the “big man” is. Bill Walton doesn’t need to tell me how great John Wooden is. I know John Wooden won over 600 games while winning over 80% of his games and won 10 National Championships. I get nauseous when I hear him mumble his catch phrase, “Throw it down big man!” I don’t need to hear Bill Walton tell me how he beat his stuttering issues to become a national broadcaster. I have no idea how NBC had him on his broadcast team for so long. Maybe NBC has a quota of ginger ex-players and that’s why they had him ruin their NBA broadcasts for so long. If that’s the case, than Brian Scalabrine will have a broadcast job very soon. I especially don’t need to hear Bill Walton preach to me on how brilliant and amazing that The Grateful Dead are. I get it, you like The Dead. So do millions of hippie, jam band stoners. Bill Walton, you’re not breaking new ground here. So when I heard that Bill Walton was going to be on the “Toucher and Rich Show” on 98.5FM The Sports Hub in Boston, I immediately deleted my preset on my radio and made sure there was no possible way that I would hear Bill Walton drone on and on about how the Celtics of his time worked hard and were great passers. It turns out that I should have gave Toucher and Rich a listen. Radio host Fred Toettcher was depressed over the devastating loss of the Boston Celtics to the Los Angeles Lakers. He put Walton on the air with them to have the same disheartened emotions of the despondent Celtics fans because Walton won a NBA Championship with Boston in 1986. How did Walton comfort the grieving Celtics fans? He gushed and raved about his son, Luke Walton (who didn’t play one minute in the game and was relegated to cheerleader) and how well the Lakers played. Not exactly what Boston fans wanted to hear on the morning after an excruciating Game 7 loss to the Lakers. So Toucher did the appropriate thing. He hung up on the long-winded Deadhead. What a wonderful moment. Thank you Toucher and Rich. You can hear the audio here… […]

  • JackBurton65

    Hanging up on Bill Walton was AWESOME. Freddy T your the man

  • David

    Classic Freddy T! Nice!

  • Geoff

    No Male Bag today?

    • Doc

      Probably because Rich was away. I believe he produces that segment.

  • Mike

    There was a male bag ready to go. We just didn’t get to it because of interviews and high caller volume. It will be back on Monday.

  • Harry

    Hung up on Bill Walton was a very very low class move and that should get fired for that.

    • Mike

      No, Harry, Fred should get a promotion.

  • Dan

    Fred im a father and thats what matters, not my take on games or anything people want to hear. Shoulda hung up on him for having ugly offspring, jesus thats family is a side show.

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