bw150 Phone Problems with Bill Walton

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From Friday’s Toucher & Rich, Bill Walton joins Fred Toucher to talk about Game 7.  Unfortunately a few questions in, Fred has “phone problems” and the call disconnects.

According to the Hall of Famer, “all the Celtics needed to do” was win 3 straight games in Boston. Before the interview could continue, “the phone was breaking up” according to Fred.

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  1. Mike says:

    I agree with the guy who called in earlier. Fred is my hero.

  2. Al says:

    AWESOME!! Walton just likes to hear himself talk anyways. Fred did the right thing.

  3. paul baranofsky says:

    it was Freds own fault for scheduling Walton in the first place.He had to know that while Walton owes the celtics alot for reviving his career he is and should be a father first and Fred showed what a real ahole he was for hanging up on Bill Walton.

    1. Chad says:

      Aww Paul, its so nice to the mothers out there defending the fathers…good for you.

  4. Davis says:

    Bill Walton was a better interview when he stu stu stu stuttered…

    PS – You guys have come a long way since your days back in WPDH. Well done!

  5. Grateful says:

    Thank you Fred!

  6. Papi says:

    Fred Toucher, you are a radio God. An often surly, smarmy, crusty and sometimes wrong Deity, but a God. Good job brother, good job.

  7. Victor says:

    What a loser of a radio host.

    How about getting a thicker skin for radio? You’re mad at a guy being happy for his son winning a championship?

    I hope somebody just slams you when you praise any of your children, if you have them. Typical Boston-fan, no class.

    1. Syd says:

      Walton can be happy for his son, yes, but don’t come on a BOSTON radio show to brag about how his son’s Lakers won Game 7 on the day after the Celtics lost that game, when everyone still has raw emotions. Fred was thinking about his listeners, instead of sucking up to Walton. How would you feel if someone did that when it involved your team? Yes, exactly.

      1. Toolbaghost says:

        This toolbag host is the one who invited bill.

    2. Chris in Scottsdale says:

      It’s fine to be proud- it’s not as if it was a big shocker that Walton has a son that plays for the team that defeated the Celtics. HOWEVER, a tad more professional behavior on Walton’s part is a fair expectation. He pulled the same awful approach when he was calling an Arizona/Illinois game in the NCAA tournament several years back (2001 Midwest Regional Final). We get it Bill- you’re a proud dad… But your decorum in that situation was poor, as it was in this interview.

    3. conrailgrille says:

      Bill Walton’s son didn’t win Sh*t, cept worst tattoo in the Nba award. He is straight garbage…and Walton is always a lil chumped out. And I’m a Cs fan, could care less to hear Walton speak always….

    4. matt says:

      What does it matter if Toucher set up the interview? He set it up before the game even happened, with the expectation that Walton would speak professionally about the game and the rivalry. Instead, Walton gloated about his son and the Lakers. No Celtics fan wanted to hear that, so Toucher ended the conversation. Not only did it make frustrated Celtics fans feel better, it probably kept people from changing the station.

  8. Victor says:

    Even people from Jersey have more class than Fred Toucher

    1. Mike says:

      I knew Lakers fans were d-bags, but I had no idea it was to this extent. Starting to wonder if elementary school is mandatory in L.A.

  9. Tim says:


  10. Da Gerk says:

    It’s funny that you are surprised with the Bill Walton interview….did you ever hear an interview the guy? No surprises with Walton, c’mon. It was a setup….

  11. Wow says:

    Wow, these guys are pieces of sh*t. Point in case why Bostonians are complete trash. Don’t be bitter because your beloved Celtics BLEW A 13 POINT LEAD in Game 7. Can you say choke job? Celtics choked, Red Sox are laughable, and Patriots are an after thought.

    1. Mike says:

      Sox are laughable… What does that make the Dodgers who were just swept by the Sox? Douche….

      1. Joe says:

        the ENTIRE COUNTRY outside of New England hates you Boston Losers. but there’s your saving grace Mike. Lakers have back-to-back NBA championships, you losers have a meaningless interleague baseball sweep in the month of June. hope that makes you feel better in October when the Lakers will be celebrating their 16th Championship Ring Ceremony, the Dodgers will be in the NLCS for the 3rd year in a row, Ray Allen / Pierce / AND Doc will have opted out of the Celtics, AAAAAND your crappy Red Sux won’t even be in the playoffs b/c they couldn’t get past the Rays and the Yanks. i love the fact that those miserable callers are soooo mad about losing to the Lakers, they actually said it was worse than when the 16-0 Pats lost to the Giants. losing to the Lakers hurts more than not becoming the GREATEST NFL TEAM OF ALL TIME????? I LOVE LA! btw, did you happen to see our Parade yesterday? enjoy mediocrity loser!

      2. Bob says:

        Okay, let’s see. When was the last time the Dodgers won a World Series? 1988. Where the Dodgers are in the standings? 3rd, barely above .500. The Red Sox? Only .5 games behind the Yankees, after being behind 8 games a couple weeks ago. Just because Boston fans actually care about their team, and bleed and die with their sports teams, instead of being casual, bandwagoner fans like the LA fans, yes, we were upset. You wouldn’t understand. Oh, and I had a great time seeing a bunch of trashy fans starting riots. That’s REALLY classy.

      3. Mike is delusional says:

        Congrats on winning a, as in one, series. Really, you should write home about it…. Yankees or Rays will win the division and the other will get the Wild Card. In other words, Boston remains laughable while they sit at home watching the playoffs.

    2. Bob is also delusional says:

      “Oh, and I had a great time seeing a bunch of trashy fans starting riots. That’s REALLY classy.”…. Please, name one city that does not riot after winning a championship. Every single city does it when they win. I’m not an LA resident or fan, but you sir are an idiot.

  12. Wow says:

    Point in case why Bostonians are complete trash. Don’t be bitter because your beloved Celtics BLEW A 13 POINT LEAD in Game 7. Can you say choke job? Celtics choked, Red Sox are laughable, and Patriots are an after thought.

    1. Cam says:

      Uh, didn’t the Red Sox sweep the Dodgers a few days ago?

      And what NFL team does LA have again?

      1. Wow says:

        I could not careless. I don’t live in LA or root for LA, for that matter. I do not have to have a vested interest in LA to realize the embarrassment that is Boston… By the way, you are the second person to comment on the Dodgers sweep. Who cares. Quit holding onto three games of a 162-game season.

  13. guy says:

    what a stupid radio host. no respect radio tough guy.

  14. Typical Bostonian says:

    Absolutely classless…

  15. John D. says:

    Hey Boston. You’re butthurt is showing

  16. Joe says:

    Stay classy Boston.

  17. Toucher likes men says:

    Point in case why Bostonians are complete trash. Don’t whine because your Celtics BLEW A 13 POINT LEAD in Game 7. They choked. The Celtics are well past their prime and are on the verge of being a bottom of the barrel team just like they were three years ago.

  18. El Cuondonito says:

    That was amazing, Walton is a huge blow hard, and he must be an idiot if he thinks he can come on a Boston station and say how proud he is of the Lakers the day after game 7,

  19. Jeff says:

    How classless. Boston fans are the biggest whiners around. Worse than Yankee fans.

    1. conrailgrille says:

      Ha all you got is the Lakers…good luck seeing the Angels, Raiders, Dodgers or any other team around that side of the country win anything…enjoy the lakes son…all you got. Oh and some low rider rimmmmssss…esse

  20. Boston fans are sole losers says:

    wah wah wah

  21. Jeff says:

    Wow, what a dick. You stay classy, Boston.

  22. DA says:

    Obviously, Toucher has his priorities in order. Celtics fans can’t handle hearing a guest say he’s proud of his son, who’s on the Lakers, on the Friday before Father’s Day? Lots of class, guys. Better get the apology ready for the first segment on Monday.

  23. Aaron says:

    Wow I was expecting at least real men to be doing the interview. Who knew that they let little boys have their own radio shows now. Not sure if they have gone through puberty yet, but maybe in a couple of years

    1. Andrew says:

      you sir, are very funny. How is that comedian career going? Not so well, puberty jokes not going over so hot? I remember when I thought puberty jokes were funny. I think, maybe when I was like 10 or 11, you know when it was funny.

  24. Jay says:

    Remember when Boston got their asses handed to them in two different sports after having the lead in two different series? Do you guys remember that? 2010 will be the true testament of Boston’s ability to compete. 3-2 leads don’t mean anything to Boston athletes, but a bigger loss. AH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


    1. El Duderino says:

      Since when is a 3-2 lead, when going on the road for the next two, a given? And as an LA fan how does it feel to hop on the Lakers bandwagon come playoff time and then have no other teams worth rooting for the rest of the year?

      1. conrailgrille says:

        Teams from LA are weak…come around every once in a while..bout it….

  25. Max says:

    Stay CLASSY, BAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHSTIN. Love the douchebag fans here sticking up for their classless douchebag host. Wouldn’t expect anything less from the chowder infested cesspool of America.

    1. Lama says:

      Speaking of Douchebags…you troll on a site for Boston sports so you can feel like a real man…from 3000 miles away! Grow a set. Dbag

  26. Aaron says:

    Stay classy boston….

  27. Max says:

    And people wonder why America hates Boston fans? What a dick.

  28. kcxiv says:

    Salty ass Boston fans. Oh well, eff them all, Celtics will now be irrelevant for the next 20 years. Doc is going to leave the sinking ship. Captain isnt going down with the ship.

  29. larry bird says:

    I like how he was about say, “show some respect” after he hung up, but he realized he disrespected bill walton by hanging up on him so he just said “know you’re on in boston.” i’m so glad the celtics won’t be relevant again for another 20 years hahaha

  30. Mr. Red says:


  31. Joseph says:

    You’re as classless as Boston fans. Sore losers come a dime a dozen and you are in that group. Your antiquated entry ran out of gas. Bill Walton’s remarks were that of a proud father. Luke’s on a winning team, one that just won a championship. If your son was in the same position and you in yours how would you react. Your hanging up on a legend showed little class.

  32. ben says:

    wow you duesch bags, enjoy years of mediocrity and lottery cause karma is a bitch and gl getting any other non bostonians onto your radio show. idiots

  33. Mike says:

    What’s even worse than the fact that they hung up on an invited guest for doing something I’m sure they knew he would do is how self-congratulatory they were after the fact.

    Uh, yeah, guys, you’re really pushing the envelope in sports talk.

  34. Scuba Steve says:

    Wow some serious haters in comments section today. Toucher and Rich rock. Bill Walton trips on acid and plays with glowsticks. I’m siding with Fred on this one.

  35. kray28 says:

    Very disrespectful….no class whatsoever.

  36. Drew says:

    Wow, how awful. Makes me embarrassed to be a Boston fan.

    1. Steve from Houston says:

      Yea, that Bill Walton guys a real dick!

  37. nameant says:

    Haha poor Celtics fans. Hurts extra bad b/c you know you’re in for another 20+ years of irrelevance huh?

  38. Kobe says:

    Fred = Classic dumb chowd

    1. Andrew says:

      what’s a chowd?

  39. Fail says:


    where you’ll find the worst fanbase in the history of western civilization.

  40. thetruth says:

    They invited him on, then hung up on him?

    Yeah. That sounds about right for Celtics fans.

    The butts must be ahurtin’ out in Beantown. Shall we fetch the wheelchairs?

  41. Leo says:

    These guys need to get new jobs. There’s a lot of championship trophies in L.A. that need shining.

  42. John says:

    Stay classy, fajs..

    What a bunch of tools…

  43. johnnypotatoes says:

    Now I understand why Manny Ramirez was so eager to get out of Boston.

    1. Andrew says:

      He appologized and said he wanted to stay near the end

  44. GTFO says:

    Congratulations for being a douche bag and applauding yourself for knowing a dad would be proud of his son. How about instead of being a lazy ass and settling on Bill Walton “a long time ago” you try to schedule someone else to do the show when the series did go 7 games?

  45. Joel Myers says:

    Typical radio blowhard. And I’m the 48th idiot to play along and post a response to their banal controversy.

  46. Davd says:

    Can Al-Qaeda please target Boston next. Please.

  47. Andrew says:

    This is so disrespectful, for a grown man you should know better!

    I don’t care if Bill Walton say “Boston sucks” (even though he didn’t)… that’s his OPINION. You can disagree to his opinions but you can’t dismiss it… this is so undemocratic and unreasonable..

  48. bleedinggreen says:

    Wait…he doesn’t know his son sucks at basketball?
    …does…he…think Luke had an…impact on the series?
    Just kidding; I love the show guys, but that was kind of cold of you.

  49. Nate says:

    walton was a national champ, league mvp and finals mvp before he went to Loston. he was also vital for the celtics off the bench ( 6th man of the year). and he only won one ring with the celtics. stop trying downplay the man’s role in basketball history. This radio show is pure garbage.You don’t invite a guy on your show then hang up on him because your a sore loser… SUCK A FAT ONE LOSTON

  50. California Bred says:

    And here I thought Philly and New York fans were some of the worse….once again Boston proves it is one of the worse fan bases in the nation. Stay Classy Bostonians god knows your sport franchises have been irrelevant for the past 20 years with the only saving grace being the Patriots and the Salary Cap that helped even out even the lowliest of teams.

    1. El Duderino says:

      Irrelevant? Sox 2 trophies in 4 years? Celtics championship in 2008? A total of 6 sports championships since 2001? Yup, very irrelevant. Aside from the Lakers, who by last count still do not have as many championships as the Celtics, what teams does LA, or California in general, have to cheer for?

  51. Ian says:

    I guess he forgot that Bill played for the Celtics.

    1. Steve from Houston says:

      I guess Bill forgot that he played for the Celtics….

  52. celticssuck says:

    muhahahahah celtics willnever win again muhahahah cuz they suck and boston is full of fags who jump on banwagons

  53. Kobe says:

    So so amateur. You’re a joke. Hope someone in charge there see’s what an idiot you are. When you’re fired. He’ll still be Bill Walton and you’ll be a nameless Boston jack@ss

  54. CALIFORNIA805 says:

    these guys are a bunch of disrespectfull pricks, GO LAKERS !!!!

  55. CALIFORNIA805 says:


  56. len bias says:

    Well the Celtics suck and so does Boston. All I know is cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  57. Fred says:

    Unprofessional on just about every level.

  58. cuckooroller says:

    Typical Leper lack of class. Just what did these people expect? Just what did they expect him to do, throw his own son under the bus?

  59. TheReviewer says:

    So all the Celtics needed to do was win four games instead of three? I guess maybe that would have worked. Maybe.

  60. Tommy says:

    This is basically what happens when people grow up listening to Howard Stern. They imitate him but don’t have any of his tact or nuance to their style. Even Stern only usually does this with random callers and almost never with celebrities unless they’re being a total douche. I can’t even remember the last time Stern hung up on a celebrity guest. Howard basically invented hanging up on people mid sentence on the radio. At least in New York where I was from no one did it, not Imus not anybody. His reason was if regular callers got boring he wasn’t going to waste time getting them off the phone. It was considered a massive no-no before he started doing it. Apparently, he should have provided instructions for his clones.

  61. Andrew says:

    There’s a certain way to conduct yourself on the radio, and Bill Walton clearly has no situational awareness of where he is or who is listening. Most of these comments were posted by Lakers fans who are riding the high of Thursday’s win and enjoy blindly kicking Boston fans while they’re down, which is fine. But before you call Boston classless and cowardly, look at who’s on a BOSTON radio station website making anonymous attacks on a radio host that you claim you’re too good to bother yourself with.

  62. skip says:

    What an a-hole. Why is this guy on a sports station anyway, he was a punk alternative DJ in Atlanta before this gig, now he is hanging up on Bill Walton because the guy roots for his kid which he made very clear. Classless no matter who was being interviewed. For the record im a Celtics fan and no Bill Walton fan either,

  63. Rob says:

    I listen to you guys in Memphis, Tenn. I loved the that you hung up on Bill Walton. It was a classic moment, I couldn’t take his incessant babbling. We know why he does not do games on tv anymore. Love the show and insight.

  64. MIGHTY LAKERS!! says:

    WE ARE 2010 NBA CHAMPS!!!

    1. Ben says:

      “We”? I’m willing to bet you had about as much to do with the Lakers win as lil Walton did!

  65. ralph says:

    wow this is how you guys treat ex celtics

  66. Joe says:

    I usually love T&R, but this was definitely out of line. What were you expecting him to say? I’m so sad for Boston? I hate it that my son just won a NBA championship? Seriously, c’mon here!

    And I’m a huge C’s fan who’s just as distraught over the loss, but it’s not like Walton was out of line or anything. Fred, seriously man, get over it. You’re a Pistons fan anyway! You don’t need to act like you’re a C’s fan just because you have Scal on every week.

  67. Andrew says:

    He sure as hell didn’t ask like an ex-Celtic. Auerbach and the rest of the Celtics revived his career when the Lakers were on the fence about him. You would think he would be a little better about sympathizing with a franchise that game him that chance, or at least not showboat like it was the first time the Lakers had ever won a championship.

  68. EmDub says:

    Just classless. Shouldn’t reflect that there are plenty of classy Celtic fans out there but that was just idiotic …..

  69. dc says:

    Boston: worst fans in the world. Congratulation for embarrasing yourselves even more. You have further proved that Boston fans a pathetic.

  70. Ron says:

    STAY CLASSY BOSTON. Nice way to treat a Hall of Famer. Jeez.

  71. Jay says:

    butt hurt celtic fans

  72. David says:

    Hang up? Nothing I wouldn’t expect from spineless Boston fans.

    Keep crying Bostonians

  73. pro stupid says:

    yeah great job hanging up on a top 50 all-time player for rooting for his son

    yet another crappy sports-talk show hosted by children


  74. pro stupid says:

    and if you’re going to hang up on a guest you might as well be man enough to say you hung up on him

    phone troubles?

    pretty pathetic.

  75. Miker says:

    This is a typical Boston fan right there. All a bunch of Douches. Boston is full of idiots

  76. jason says:

    No Class Boston.

  77. Mike says:

    Wow, I guess Celtic fans really are the most bitter in the NBA. There was nothing wrong with what Walton said, the host and his audience just can’t take it.

    You’ve had a lot of success, do you have to be so classless when you simply lost a series? You all need thicker skins.

  78. Andy says:

    Classy way to end a call. What a pro.

  79. Santi says:

    Classic Boston.

  80. Lulz @ Boston says:

    Celtic fans are mad. Good.

    Stay salty Boston!

  81. Toolbaghost says:

    Wow, way to show some respect to a HOF you smart ass, disgusting “tough guy” talk show host. Un freaking believable, bet this guy was crying in fetal position when the celtics lost game 7. Bill Walton will always be a greater person than you, you incompetent, disrespectful dirt bag. Keep sobbing moron.

  82. Andrew says:

    Everyone’s talking about the “classless radio host”, but whatever happened to showing some class when celebrating a win?? It’s fine for Walton to be happy for his son, but there’s a way of doing that without sounding like a gloating windbag who seems to forget he’s on a Boston station. I’m not saying he should have necessarily been hung up on, but he was antagonizing whether he knew it or not.

  83. UCLA Bruin says:

    I didn’t see Bill Russell being drowned out by boos at Staples when he presented the Kobe the trophy. Then again there is the class difference in Lakers vs. Celtic fans. An utterly disgusting way to treat a former Celtic and Hall of Famer. Boston Celtics…enjoy your next decade of rebuilding and irrelevance.

    1. Andrew says:

      Riiiight, because that’s a perfect analogy! I don’t know how I didn’t see that parallel in the first place!

      Please… next time you have a thought, implement some kind of filter between your brain and your keyboard, before you go on and post foolish comments like this.

  84. jay says:

    bite it Victor…it has nothing to do with thicker skin…he’s on in Boston sports radio show and no one wants to hear about his son winning a title(when in fact…the water boy probably had more to do with the lakers winning a ring than his untalented bench player of a son). If you wanna grandstand about your boy, go on an LA radio show…Feelin me!

  85. jay says:

    UCLA Ruin…..really no class? How about Walton going on a…I’m going to slow this down for you….a BOSTON SPORTS RADIO SHOW….and reveling in his sons new ring he won. Russell gives the MVP in the finals every year for the past 5 years, so your argument has no base to it. Walton is a moron who would be better served playing donkey from shrek than being a analyst. Walton should stick to trippin on mushrooms and bathing in dirt…stupid hippie

  86. Common Sense Guy says:

    Let’s face it. Lakers Fans are a-holes. Boston fans are a-holes. New York fans are a-holes. Unfortunately pretty much every major sports franchise is has more than its fair share of adults acting like whiney spoiled children with unrealistic expectations as their fan-base.

    Ever notice that usually the people that care the least or actually have a level headed view of the games are the actual owners, athletes, and employees of the teams themselves?

    Yeah Bill Walton is a blow-hard and Fred was tactless for just hanging up on him, but if someone called you at work calling and started to blather on about nothing you would hang up on them within two minutes too.

    Good work Fred Toucher for producing genuinely compelling radio. Truly you are a rising star in broadcasting and the future of the Toucher and Rich Show will be successful on a national level. (This is not sarcastic).

    Kudos to Rich as well for his production skills alone, you both are consummate professionals in your field.

    P.S. Bring back Crash Clark, his segments were radio gold!

  87. Bear says:

    Lakers fans are a bunch of idiots, they had Vic the Brick on a week prior and they LOVED him, Walton was being an arrogant hippy supporting the Lakers and saying how the fans were electric on a morning the whole city of Boston was on suicide watch. Im a die hard Boston fan and I thought Vic was great, Walton was a joke enough said

  88. B says:

    Fred has enormous balls. T&R is the best thing about Boston sports these days.

  89. Mike says:

    Laker fans are so funny. While they are quick to point out a radio hosts supposed lack of class, they swing from the coin-purse of a alleged rapist and a guy who single-handedly started the ugliest incident in NBA history. Enjoy that 11th title in LA.

    1. Joe says:

      not only are we enjoying it, we’re reveling in the fact that your crappy Celtics are gonna suck again in rebuilding hell for the next 20+ years!

  90. Yo says:

    Why are the people bagging on Fred and Boston in general the ones getting 4+ stars to their comments? Has Bill Walton got nothing better to do than vote on every post on this website?

  91. Bano says:

    Even if people think this was wrong and hate Boston you are still giving the sports hub publicity and a ton of hits on the website. Win for the station.

  92. Joe T. says:

    LA is a terrible city filled with horrible people who are all out for themselves. Half the population moved there from somewhere else, leaving the city with no identity. Boston is a great sports city, and people from everywhere will tell you our fans are some of the best. We’re not classy? Good job celebrating by ripping a taxi driver out of his car and lighting it on fire. You won you idiots. F*CK BILL WALTON.

    1. Joe says:

      LA is the greatest city in America, neck & neck with NY. i run into more of you loser Boston transplants out here because they can’t stand living in your crap-@ss town (case in point – BILL SIMMONS). nobody WANTS to live in Boston. you suckers are stuck there until you can scrape up enough money to leave that God-forsaken town, and then you invade and infest the rest of America with your annoying accents and douchebaggery.

      1. bosfan says:

        But for some reason, you choose to go on The Boston Sports Hub website. Hmm, interesting. I guarentee if you put my city and that excuse of one out there next to each other and asked a foreigner which one is more desireable…they pick Boston. As for our accents, at least English comes out of our mouths with more than 50% of the people, unlike you’re illegal immigrant infested hole.

      2. Steve from Houston says:

        Bill Simmons didn’t want to leave, we made him!

  93. rob says:

    they need to change the team to the LA FAKERS. The team is full of fakers,i.e- Kobe, the fans are a bunch of fakers, bandwagon biaatches who dont care about bball until playoff time (even the ABC commenators mentioned that) and that the team itself counts the championships they won in Minneaplois in the total of 16, but from what I HEAR, those MINNEAPOLIS championships don’t even have their own banners in the building, they are all on one banner like a f’n High school team. so the FAKERS count them as part of the 16, but each of them dont get a banner? LAME. FAKERS.

  94. bosfan says:

    This is hysterical having LA fans call us trash. My first trip to LA made me think of what Beirut may look like. You people are children/animals out there. You need to put barbed wire on street sign poles to prevent people from spray painting. You riot every other day. You don’t even respect you’re own city. The best thing out their is sunshine and In and Out Burger. Besides that it’s a goddamn cesspool.

    By the if you’re a true LA Lakers fan you will agree this is only you’re 12th champoinship. Don’t take credit for the four that Minneapolis gave you.

  95. sleeping with the enemy says:

    What are all these Los Angeles fans doing on this website anyway? You can make fun of our accents but if you want to know the truth, your girfriend loves it.

    So next time she and her girfriends say theyre coming to Boston for a “shopping trip” remember they are also on a fantasy trip to be with a real man. I can’t count how many LA girls with boyfriends me and my buddies have banged. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, sleeping with Laker’s fans girlfriends, and WICKED fun!

    Sometimes a girl needs a “shopping trip” to be with a real man.

    Hey, enjoy your parade out there.

  96. Jon the richest guy through the country baby says:

    Ah, internet comment sections: the last refuge of cowards. At least Fred had a set when he hung up on Captain Trips. What do you Kobe lovers have?

  97. aj says:

    ok so why are there a bunch of Laker fans on a Celtics website? are they just trying to rub it in? what ever happened to winning graciously? those of you accusing Fred of having no class look in the mirror. You from a place that has the worst road rage in the country. a place that a person would rather stab you than help you. So go back and listen to Vic the Brick talk about how he is like a samurai and pretending that everyone like you. and my final point is that fred is a dick but can hang up on anyone he wants deal with it. the world does not revolve areound you.

  98. RedIan23 says:


  99. wow says:

    what a douchebag

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