Phone Problems with Bill Walton

bw150 Phone Problems with Bill Walton

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From Friday’s Toucher & Rich, Bill Walton joins Fred Toucher to talk about Game 7.  Unfortunately a few questions in, Fred has “phone problems” and the call disconnects.

According to the Hall of Famer, “all the Celtics needed to do” was win 3 straight games in Boston. Before the interview could continue, “the phone was breaking up” according to Fred.

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  • Mike

    I agree with the guy who called in earlier. Fred is my hero.

  • Al

    AWESOME!! Walton just likes to hear himself talk anyways. Fred did the right thing.

  • paul baranofsky

    it was Freds own fault for scheduling Walton in the first place.He had to know that while Walton owes the celtics alot for reviving his career he is and should be a father first and Fred showed what a real ahole he was for hanging up on Bill Walton.

    • Chad

      Aww Paul, its so nice to the mothers out there defending the fathers…good for you.

  • adam

    I like.

  • Davis

    Bill Walton was a better interview when he stu stu stu stuttered…

    PS – You guys have come a long way since your days back in WPDH. Well done!

  • Grateful

    Thank you Fred!

  • Papi

    Fred Toucher, you are a radio God. An often surly, smarmy, crusty and sometimes wrong Deity, but a God. Good job brother, good job.

  • Victor

    What a loser of a radio host.

    How about getting a thicker skin for radio? You’re mad at a guy being happy for his son winning a championship?

    I hope somebody just slams you when you praise any of your children, if you have them. Typical Boston-fan, no class.

    • Syd

      Walton can be happy for his son, yes, but don’t come on a BOSTON radio show to brag about how his son’s Lakers won Game 7 on the day after the Celtics lost that game, when everyone still has raw emotions. Fred was thinking about his listeners, instead of sucking up to Walton. How would you feel if someone did that when it involved your team? Yes, exactly.

      • Toolbaghost

        This toolbag host is the one who invited bill.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      It’s fine to be proud- it’s not as if it was a big shocker that Walton has a son that plays for the team that defeated the Celtics. HOWEVER, a tad more professional behavior on Walton’s part is a fair expectation. He pulled the same awful approach when he was calling an Arizona/Illinois game in the NCAA tournament several years back (2001 Midwest Regional Final). We get it Bill- you’re a proud dad… But your decorum in that situation was poor, as it was in this interview.

    • conrailgrille

      Bill Walton’s son didn’t win Sh*t, cept worst tattoo in the Nba award. He is straight garbage…and Walton is always a lil chumped out. And I’m a Cs fan, could care less to hear Walton speak always….

    • matt

      What does it matter if Toucher set up the interview? He set it up before the game even happened, with the expectation that Walton would speak professionally about the game and the rivalry. Instead, Walton gloated about his son and the Lakers. No Celtics fan wanted to hear that, so Toucher ended the conversation. Not only did it make frustrated Celtics fans feel better, it probably kept people from changing the station.

  • Victor

    Even people from Jersey have more class than Fred Toucher

    • Mike

      I knew Lakers fans were d-bags, but I had no idea it was to this extent. Starting to wonder if elementary school is mandatory in L.A.

  • Tim


  • Boston Sports Radio Show Hangs Up On Bill Walton [Heroes] | Star Talk

    […] show the day after Game 7. He was way too proud of his son, Laker Luke, for their tastes. Click. [98.5SportsHub] […]

  • Da Gerk

    It’s funny that you are surprised with the Bill Walton interview….did you ever hear an interview the guy? No surprises with Walton, c’mon. It was a setup….

  • Wow

    Wow, these guys are pieces of sh*t. Point in case why Bostonians are complete trash. Don’t be bitter because your beloved Celtics BLEW A 13 POINT LEAD in Game 7. Can you say choke job? Celtics choked, Red Sox are laughable, and Patriots are an after thought.

    • Mike

      Sox are laughable… What does that make the Dodgers who were just swept by the Sox? Douche….

      • Joe

        the ENTIRE COUNTRY outside of New England hates you Boston Losers. but there’s your saving grace Mike. Lakers have back-to-back NBA championships, you losers have a meaningless interleague baseball sweep in the month of June. hope that makes you feel better in October when the Lakers will be celebrating their 16th Championship Ring Ceremony, the Dodgers will be in the NLCS for the 3rd year in a row, Ray Allen / Pierce / AND Doc will have opted out of the Celtics, AAAAAND your crappy Red Sux won’t even be in the playoffs b/c they couldn’t get past the Rays and the Yanks. i love the fact that those miserable callers are soooo mad about losing to the Lakers, they actually said it was worse than when the 16-0 Pats lost to the Giants. losing to the Lakers hurts more than not becoming the GREATEST NFL TEAM OF ALL TIME????? I LOVE LA! btw, did you happen to see our Parade yesterday? enjoy mediocrity loser!

      • Bob

        Okay, let’s see. When was the last time the Dodgers won a World Series? 1988. Where the Dodgers are in the standings? 3rd, barely above .500. The Red Sox? Only .5 games behind the Yankees, after being behind 8 games a couple weeks ago. Just because Boston fans actually care about their team, and bleed and die with their sports teams, instead of being casual, bandwagoner fans like the LA fans, yes, we were upset. You wouldn’t understand. Oh, and I had a great time seeing a bunch of trashy fans starting riots. That’s REALLY classy.

      • Mike is delusional

        Congrats on winning a, as in one, series. Really, you should write home about it…. Yankees or Rays will win the division and the other will get the Wild Card. In other words, Boston remains laughable while they sit at home watching the playoffs.

    • Bob is also delusional

      “Oh, and I had a great time seeing a bunch of trashy fans starting riots. That’s REALLY classy.”…. Please, name one city that does not riot after winning a championship. Every single city does it when they win. I’m not an LA resident or fan, but you sir are an idiot.

  • Wow

    Point in case why Bostonians are complete trash. Don’t be bitter because your beloved Celtics BLEW A 13 POINT LEAD in Game 7. Can you say choke job? Celtics choked, Red Sox are laughable, and Patriots are an after thought.

    • Cam

      Uh, didn’t the Red Sox sweep the Dodgers a few days ago?

      And what NFL team does LA have again?

      • Wow

        I could not careless. I don’t live in LA or root for LA, for that matter. I do not have to have a vested interest in LA to realize the embarrassment that is Boston… By the way, you are the second person to comment on the Dodgers sweep. Who cares. Quit holding onto three games of a 162-game season.

  • guy

    what a stupid radio host. no respect radio tough guy.

  • Typical Bostonian

    Absolutely classless…

  • John D.

    Hey Boston. You’re butthurt is showing

  • Joe

    Stay classy Boston.

    • Andrew

      Oh, we will

  • Toucher likes men

    Point in case why Bostonians are complete trash. Don’t whine because your Celtics BLEW A 13 POINT LEAD in Game 7. They choked. The Celtics are well past their prime and are on the verge of being a bottom of the barrel team just like they were three years ago.

  • El Cuondonito

    That was amazing, Walton is a huge blow hard, and he must be an idiot if he thinks he can come on a Boston station and say how proud he is of the Lakers the day after game 7,

  • Jeff

    How classless. Boston fans are the biggest whiners around. Worse than Yankee fans.

    • conrailgrille

      Ha all you got is the Lakers…good luck seeing the Angels, Raiders, Dodgers or any other team around that side of the country win anything…enjoy the lakes son…all you got. Oh and some low rider rimmmmssss…esse

  • Boston fans are sole losers

    wah wah wah

  • Jeff

    Wow, what a dick. You stay classy, Boston.

  • DA

    Obviously, Toucher has his priorities in order. Celtics fans can’t handle hearing a guest say he’s proud of his son, who’s on the Lakers, on the Friday before Father’s Day? Lots of class, guys. Better get the apology ready for the first segment on Monday.

  • Aaron

    Wow I was expecting at least real men to be doing the interview. Who knew that they let little boys have their own radio shows now. Not sure if they have gone through puberty yet, but maybe in a couple of years

    • Andrew

      you sir, are very funny. How is that comedian career going? Not so well, puberty jokes not going over so hot? I remember when I thought puberty jokes were funny. I think, maybe when I was like 10 or 11, you know when it was funny.

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