The Baby Davis & Nate Show!

101968844 e1276318902254 The Baby Davis & Nate Show!

(Getty Images)

Glen Davis and Nate Robinson stole the show during Game 4 and after Game 4.  Listen to the memorable press conference, as well as Gresh & Zo’s reaction to what was said.  Oh yeah, by the way, did Nate use a politically incorrect term?  Controversy ensues.

  • m. gerald

    Hi Big 98.5 fan, as a 25 yr old black educated (both college and street ) male, yes Nate did say; lol “no homo”.. sometime when the bright lights are on and your answering questions and your in the mood and spirit or (for lack of better words, “say the things you say to ur teammates and friends in private”) so i can excuse nate for that. Hey if he helps us win another championship, espcially on over the lakers, I’ll always love Nate Robinson, No Homo, lol

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