lost jack The Lost Series Finale

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The last episode of Lost aired last night some people didn’t like the ending, Fred was one of those people. Rich stood in defense of the show and thought that it wrapped up nicely.

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  1. Rich says:

    They would have been better of going right to black screen and plying don’t stop believing!!!!! Underwhelmed at ending. Way too many questions left unanswered (what was island, specifically why were so many people trying to unlock secrets and or protect it? etc). Could not stop thinking there’s 6 years I won’t get back. Show was so good during the year. I can’t understand why they chose this way to end show. Even more disappointing than the Bruins-well not really.

    1. Claude's turkey-neck says:

      OOOH, too soon man, too soon. I don’t think the end could’ve lived up to the hype. And considering all the action in the past 6 years there were probably only 2 real ways to end it, 1: An action packed cliffhanger that leaves you wondering, or 2: What they actually did; trying to wrap things up in a touching, heart-warming way. The problem with the former is that I don’t think it’s possible to wrap things up as nicely, it’d feel very abrupt. Problem with the latter is that it’s anti-climactic and sure it feels like some loose ends were taken care of but there’s also the overwhelming feeling like so much more is missing. I suppose they could do one of those 80’s type endings where everything turns out well for everyone, but that’d be like watching Robocop, i.e. not so good. And all entertainment’s gotten into this rut where the protagonist has to die, it’s the formula, and it takes balls to deviate from the formula and do it well.

  2. Claude's turkey-neck says:

    Where was Mr. Eko? That guy was a bad-ass. Oh yeah and Marilyn Manson = douche.

  3. kelly says:

    Look all the ending shsowed was the Island was a kinda mid point on the way to either heaven and hell. All the charatcers were heading either way by their ulitmate actions on the Island. The ending in the Church shows them all accepting their fates and moving on together in death to where ever. The big question left unanswered was what happened to the Aija Plane? Some of its occupants ended up in the Church indicating that may not have made it. Hurley and Ben left to care for the Island – bit weird I think.

  4. David Ortities says:

    Probably the biggest let down of any show i’ve ever seen. the writers clearly phoned it in, and just about every person i know was/is pissed. The only people who liked it were the pink hats that just wanted to see the couples get back together and kiss. that was the complete opposite of what i was looking for in the finale. if i wanted gay wishy washy love crap i’d watch the office. Rich, you’re a DBAG for defending it.

  5. Mike says:

    I still think the best ending would’ve been if they cut to Jacob and the MIB playing their stone game and Jacob just simply says “I win.” THE END.

  6. Greg says:

    umm. you’re supposed to think about it. it’s not supposed to be concrete like all of the moronic stuff on the rest of television. they gave enough info that you can figure out the mysteries.

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