The Red Sox blew a 9-7 lead in the 9th inning to the Yankees despite hitting 5 home runs. The offensive production has been unexpectedly successful while the pitching has been awful. Victor Martinez threw Matsuzaka under the bus after the game last night saying he just puts down the signs and Dice-K makes the decisions. The guys talked about an article saying Ortiz is struggling to understand that his career is slowly coming to an end. And the players who have won a championship in Boston don’t seem to be meshing well with the newer players except Beltre.

Caller believes Victor calling out Matsuzaka isn’t a bad thing, however Wallach thinks there’s and issue with the two of them because he has three losses with Martinez behind the plate and his one dominant performance was with Varitek.

Dwight Howard fails to succeed in interviewing himself as Clark Kent and Superman. He asks himself questions about being Superman and answers them more like Dwight Howard than Superman, some completely unrelated responses like having a big heart. Then he does his Stan Van Gundy impression and sounds like Elmo and gives himself all the credit as if he won the Championship for the Magic.

“GAYYY” Two hot girls approached Adolfo last Friday after the Bruins game and he ran away. The phone lines opened up for people who Adolfo has blown off and the phones lit up. One girl sent in a text saying she couldn’t even listen to the show after how rude he was one night.  He apparently is deaf because he constantly was saying he doesn’t hear people when they literally shout at him or make eye contact with him with their mouths moving.

Dan Shaughnessy joins the show from New York to talk about the Ortiz article, the flip flop season where the pitching is the problem not the offense, the tough road ahead, what happens during the summer if the Sox continue to play .500 ball, and Victor and the catching situation.

The debut of “What’s Tappenin’.” Kathryn Tappen is transported to back to the 1980s to star in different sitcoms brought to you by a few big name sponsors.


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