taylorhall Gresh & Zo YouTube of the Day: Future Bruin?Top NHL Prospect Taylor Hall gets crushed into the boards and gets right back up and puts it in the net. Watch this great sequence from a possible future Boston Bruin…

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  1. Mike lafond says:

    Oh man, that move was sick. Bruins need this kind of player. Never mind the move…. That was after getting face planted into the boards! Now that’s a hockey player!

  2. Brian says:

    Thats exactly what the Bruins need!

  3. MT says:

    The Bruins NEED to get this kid….they need to do whatever they can to secure the number one pick overall….they need to start talking to the Oilers to put together a deal to make it happen ASAP! This kid is exactly what the Bruins need to turn things around….and believe it or not he wants to be a Bruin!

  4. Bob in Belmont says:

    Fat chance Bruins get this guy! The Oilers Website has this video as well.

  5. JP says:

    Thanks for the fantastic tease….Now we will end up with Teguien.

    1. bernstein says:

      Who’s Teguien?

  6. gtagrip says:

    Yup, the Bruins do need this kid. However, once his rookie contract is up and it is time to dish out the cash, they will trade him because he will cost to much. It’s the Bruins way!

  7. mike says:

    The Bruins have to trade up to get this sick son of a bitch.. i love it

  8. Don Brophy says:

    fantastic goal, but man he needs to learn to take a hit

    1. Rich.Christie says:

      Don Brophy: “but man he needs to learn to take a hit”…..

      You might not have noticed (since there;s no brail version of the video yet posted), but Hall gets WRECKED into the boards, and THEN gets back into the game and scores the goal…

      Translation = he can take a thunderous hit and then come back in and pull out a move like that.

      At least you still have baseball for a few more months. It might be a better pace for you.

  9. Haney says:

    Hall is definitely a great player. Bruins have a great shot at him. Bob in Belmont, it is true that the Oilers probably have seen this video… But they have their eyes on Tyler Seguin… Either way, B’s get an awesome young player!

  10. Higgs says:

    Hall is electric. I’ve seen them both (on TV not in person) and Hall is just a little better. I don’t think there’s any way Edmonton passes on him. He’s just too good. The B’s need to do whatever they can to get the first pick from the Oilers.

    That being said Seguin is ridiculous also. He’s got talent and presence and is going to be a star.

    Believe me, you will not be disappointed with Seguin. He’s just not Hall.

    By the way, Don Brophy’s right. It’s not the fact that he came back from the hit. It’s that he needs to learn to take on a guy with better leverage. Another year in the weightroom will help, but more than likely he was near the end of his shift and a little tired and too upright. Could have really screwed up the draft for everyone if he was seriously hurt.

    Also, even more important than that 1st pick is the B’s 2nd pick in the first round. Hall/Seguin is a layup, but keep an eye on Jeff Skinner with that 2nd pick. Absolute sniper. A bloodless assassin. Needs to work on his skating and has to find an extra gear, but if he comes to Boston. along with Hall/Seguin and the Svard/Krecji/Lucic et al mix, goalscoring worries will be a distant memory.

  11. Boston Bourque says:



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