celtics magic Bob Ryan Joins D.A And Hates OrlandoThe Celtics were able to take game one from the Magic after battling through the Cavaliers. Bob Ryan joins D.A to break down game one of Celts Magic and to state his issues with the city of Orlando.

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  1. www.A7BN.com says:

    What an effin idiot!!!!! We didnt ask him to come down here and eat out food, enjoy our weather and literally give Boston the win in game 1. Stay your tired old pasty white ass back up in beantown.

  2. j. tobin says:

    Orlando is learning what Boston has known for years—Ryan is a pompous, self serving self-important transplanted New Yorker– an embaressment to real Celtic fasns.

  3. Chris says:

    What a douche Bag

  4. DS says:

    He’s got a point. Orlando is a pretty lame place to live. But he’s also insufferable and has been for years. I was actually hoping he’d retire to Orlando or the like, and sooner rather than later, but alas….. Someone send him some Arizona brochures.

  5. shaunm000 says:

    I’m sure Doc would disagree with you Bob. Loser.

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