Today on Felger and Massarotti, the guys broke down the Celtics and Cavs Series.  Did LeBron quit on his team?  They were also joined by ESPN’s Ryen Russillo to further breakdown the Celtics and Cavs series.  Finally, The Final Word with Marc Bertrand.  The guys have a little more fun with Mayor Menino.

Opening Segment:  Did LeBron Quit On His Team?

Ryen Russillo Joins F&M To Break Down Celtics-Cavs

The Final Word with Marc Bertrand

  1. Flavio says:

    Jordan, Bird, Magic, and even Kobe have made players around them better when they won championships. Name me one player Lebron has made better? Just look at Jamisons, Mo Williams, and even Shaq’s #’s last year in Phoenix when he played with Nash and Stoudamire. None of them are better! Lebron is a poser!

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