writer Jeff Goodman joined Gresh and Zo to talk about KG’s questionable reputation around the league and his Game 2 suspension.  Check out all that and more by listening to the podcast…

Comments (2)
  1. Brian says:

    Everyone is saying “do not owrry, it is early”. I would agree if we were not in a division with 2 of the best teams in Baseball! I am saying it now, unless we make a move quickly we our not making the playoffs!!

  2. mack says:

    I can’t understand the logic to risk additional injury to savard.
    the playoffs become more physical the deeper it gets.
    and with what i have seen let go by the officials i would need to have my head examined with savard to let him play this year.
    too much investing from the bruins to allow for him to suffer irreperable damage.

    are you serious

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