Badassness – when something is so extraordinarily awesome that it deserves to be called more than just “bad”

Evadabilty – the ability to make people miss

Reducaled – something large, made smaller

Cranius Rectus – latin term for “head up your ass”

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  1. Paul form Norwood says:

    No one has mentioned Jeremy Hermida for a replacement to Ortiz. Hermedia hit something like .460 in Spring Training. Any thoughts on this?

  2. Intruder from Eastie says:

    Hi gents, want to say up front love the alternative to am 850- like a breath of fresh air, and i have COPD.

    Anyhow, here is a little story and a bit “o” advice for Jacobaby.

    . At 77 years old my mother had a massive heart attack on 13 January of this year. She was re-suscitated three times(yes she was clinically dead ) by two nurses and had three ribs broken clean through in the process of three series of compressions. The next day she had triple bypass surgery, and the day after that she celebrated her 78th b-day. 2 weeks later she was at Spaulding Rehab Hospital in Cambridge, staples, stitches, broken ribs, sawed ribs and all – pushing onward. Today I have to slow her down when she runs up the stairs in my home.

    Getting a bit tired of hearing about your boo-boos. For the money and the very honorable company of “ingured” not hurt players you are in you should be ashamed of yourself. OK so you got taken out of center field. Deal with it. At 54 my job of the last 20 years was done away in one afternoon, no notice or thank you ,and I was placed in the most miserable job of my life, But with three mouths to feed, and a mortage to pay I was grateful to still be employed albiet precariously.. Put your pride in your back pocket and grow a pair. Chalk it up as a life lesson in reality. Players like you made my descision for me to stop going to games to pay your salaries a long time ago. Play baseball and shut up or get a real job.


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