Don Cherry says on CBC that Matt Cooke should have been suspended for his hit on Marc Savard…

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  1. wayne says:

    Grapes for NHL Commissioner – get rid of those sissys that run the league now

  2. Big Syd says:

    Wow this is interesting – unlike the NCAA Tournament.

  3. Mike says:

    I hope someone goes after Matt Cooke or better yet Sidney Crosby with the same hit on Thursday night. Because what could the league do, no suspension can be handed out by rule. No to mention when they showed Bergeron talking to Crosby look at Crosby’s face once Bergeron shakes his head. He gets as white as a ghost. He must know the Bruins will be coming after him, looking to injure as payback.

  4. jim wales says:

    the NHL is painfully trying to find a solution to hits that injure players. i have always been of the opinion that in the game of hockey, at all levels, if you do something that injures another player, you should be out as long as they are. this would clean up all those knee on knee hits, those hits from behind, and of course those nasty blind side hits to the head. as for the “fake” injury issue, the NHL has doctors to examine injurys, the punishment for “fake” injurys – 1st offence – one year suspension from the date of the “fake” injury for that player and the head coach of that team! i don’t think you will see any “fake” injury.

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