touchergretzky1 Wayne Gretzky: Olympic Opening Ceremony ProblemFred Toucher was lucky enough to get to sit down and talk with the great Wayne Gretzky:

– Problem at the Olympics opening ceremony.

– New fans for the NHL because of Olympic hockey?

– His fondest memory of playing hockey in Boston?

Comments (4)
  1. Craig says:

    Yeah Fred I’ll tell you what his fondest memory of playing hockey at Boston was: Winning the Stanley Cup in 1990!
    Stupid Bruins!

    1. Craig says:

      Wrong date, oh I’m gonna get hell for this, my brain went stupid for a minute there, duh! He did win in 1988 though.
      Yes I’m an idiot, I know, let me have it, I messed up, come down on me like starving rabid dogs with a pile of raw meat in front of you, look at the idiot who doesn’t know that the great one wasn’t playing for the Oilers in 1990, Hah hah!

      1. Jesse says:

        You’re an idiot.

  2. Tom says:

    Fred your the best around nothing will keep ya down

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