First came the presentation of a 200 year old tuxedo and bow tie. Then, shocking many on hand, I presented the top hat, that has become a tradition in my family of medical doctors, to D.A. And while these may have been monumental moments on almost any other day, they pale in comparison to the moment we first stepped foot in the Medford Cable Access Channel Four Headquarters.

For a picture gallery of the visit, click here.

It wasn’t that D.A. had never been on television before. And typically, he isn’t nervous when talking to prominent journalists and reporters. But no matter how many hours of practice, studying, or vast amount of knowledge D.A. has on the world of sports, it was apparent he was extremely tense before last night’s appearance on Sports Line Live with John “the kid” Byers.

Heck, I wasn’t even a guest on the show (well except an unplanned interruption by John “the kid” introducing Executive Producer Chris Curtis and Yours Truly to say hello to the loyal followers) and couldn’t help but feel anxious for not only D.A. but every person who works for CBS Sports. After all it isn’t everyday that you get invited to the Medford Cable Access Channel Four Headquarters to be a guest on Sports Line Live.

To kick off the show, John grilled D.A. with hard-hitting questions that could only be expected from a sports guru.  And then came a story that shocked hockey fans throughout the country when John retold his account of a secret meeting between NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and The Mayor of Hartford. According to John, at this meeting Bettman promised a new NHL Franchise as well as the 2012 NHL All-Star Game in Hartford. After a few more questions and comments, John “the kid” again announced breaking news, this time out of Major League Baseball. According to John, The Boston Red Sox could potentially be leaving the AL East and joining the NL East along with several other teams in what would now be an eight team division. While we have found no information whatsoever to back these claims, John is standing by his assertions.

I may write a short story breaking down the play-by-play of last night’s instant classic but what worries me is that words might not do justice. Luckily, we have loads of pictures and a video to help explain just what went down last night on SportsLineLive with John “the kid” Byers.

Prescribed by,

Dr. B.S., DA Show M.D.


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