91304896 Most Pathetic Pro Athlete Tattoo

Getty Images

Atlanta Braves utility douchebag Eric Hinske gets a $5000.00 tattoo that covers his entire back and arms.  All of the coloring was done this winter, in nine or 10 settings covering 30 hours Altogether, it was 18 to 20 sittings covering 45 hours. Click “more” to check it out.

tattoos 0021 Most Pathetic Pro Athlete Tattoo

Comments (9)
  1. chris anderson says:

    damn, kid’s got style

  2. jenna says:

    ugly sweater party – check.

  3. Pabs says:

    So when did Eric Hinske become a Yakuza? Also nice belt douchebag.

  4. Ryan says:

    Are those love handles?

  5. Thom says:

    At least the tat will cover up the back acne from the steroids.

  6. Bamms says:

    I dvr-ed the hockey game last night. Got home from work and watch the warmest and most powerful SPORTS game I have seen in years. And even so U.S.A did’nt win, it did my heart good to know the gold is ware it belongs in Canada (All is right with the world )

  7. The D factor says:

    What a nit wit. Pull your pants up fool I can see your underwear. What a moron!!

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