tiger2 Tiger Woods: "Deeply Sorry"

AP Photo

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To listen to the press conference, click “More”.

Comments (3)
  1. Jonathan says:

    not bad… seemed sincere. he should have kept it to family and avoided talking about the game. the hug/chest bump session at the end was kind of awkward.

  2. Brian says:

    aside from getting his life back on track. when he does come back to golf, whats going to effect him the most, his family issues or the fact that he has been away from the game for so long. he did look a little bigger in the press confrence.

  3. Joel says:

    Lets not forget that The tiger woods Brand has made him and his family around a BILLION $$$. With around half his career left there is still a BILLION $$$ to be made. Most people would say/do any thing for that kind of money even spend a few months in Mississippi. I’m sure he is embarrassed and there for sorry but is about the money.

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