busfight AC Transit Bus Fight
Here’s the video Gresh was talking about this morning from Barstool. Be careful who you call out!  Warning: some may find the language offensive.

Click here to watch.

Comments (13)
  1. John says:

    That old guy knew exactly what he was doing. He spanked that tool. On top of it all, the kid stole his bag. The tool should be arrested for theft.

  2. Bergatime says:

    Shame on the sports hub for putting up a video of a racially charged violent crime. You are better than that.

    1. Lee says:

      How is this a racially charged fight? This is just a young idiot thinking he can pick on some old guy but finds out he in over his head…. You, the idiots, are the ones who make it worse for the old guy by saying it was racial, and who gets the blame for the race hate? The white guy…..

  3. Blake says:

    Never, ever, ever, mess with a man who’s been to war.

  4. Mike says:

    He got what he had coming to him! He and the women around him were out of line based on what they were saying. Plus, they took his bag and started going through it. Just like most punks they do a lot of talking before and after they get their ass kicked! This is not racial! This is just a punk getting what he had coming to him. It wouldn’t have mattered if they were white, black, yellow or green.

  5. tysonmcneely says:

    Gresh is so racist. He could barely hold back an N-bomb when he was talking about this.
    Don’t get me wrong, I find this whole video hilarious, I’d just prefer if Gresh left the racial undertones out of it, or at least didn’t impart his own prejudiced views in it.

    More info on this whole incident can be found:


  6. pancholoco says:

    damm i can’t stop laughing this is to much

    Brin’ ahm-buh-lamps classic

  7. Dave says:

    bergatime shame on you for posting a comment no one wants to here your downer point of view the old guy clobbered the black guy who was just yapping away

  8. Drew says:

    the most disturbing thing was the “lady” in the background talking about “beat his white ass”.

  9. Sean says:

    Rule #1: No matter how tough YOU THINK you are… There is ALWAYS someone tougher. Rule #2. Never mess with an old guy because if he is not sure that he can take you down then he most likely will just kill you

  10. bob says:


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