Xavier has a very curious and kind personality.

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Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old XavierXavier has a very curious and kind personality.
Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old AidenAiden is an energetic and sweet boy who loves to laugh.
Wednesday's Child: 15-Year-Old SyrianaSyriana is a caring 15 year old girl who describes herself as pretty, awesome, and a talented artist.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old ShyanneShyanne is a funny, caring, and outgoing young lady who is known as a social butterfly.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old ChanceChance is a sweet and funny boy who has a wonderful sense of humor.
Wednesday's Child: 15-Year-Old GiannaGianna is an outgoing teenage girl who is described as sweet and friendly, with a great sense of humor.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old HaileyHailey describes herself as a "sociable, funny, cool, kind, sweet, and outgoing person."
Wednesday's Child: 15-Year-Old ShaneShane is a cheerful and sweet teen who likes to feel included.
Wednesday's Child: 10-YearOld Twins Allen And AlvinAllen and Alvin are twin boys looking to be adopted together.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old AliaAlia is a very happy and bubbly girl who enjoys doing arts & crafts and dancing.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old ZuleikaZuleika, whose nickname is Zu, is an active and inquisitive child.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old BaileyBailey has many interests and hobbies such as playing outside, swimming, cooking, and baking.
Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old ZayalaniZaya is an affectionate and easy-going girl.
Wednesday's Child: 13-Year-Old KyleighKyleigh enjoys reading, watching movies, and being outdoors.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old RuthRuth, who likes to be called Ruthie, sees herself as caring and kind, and the adults in her life agree.
Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old AlexanderAlexander is described as unique and wise beyond his years.
Wednesday's Child: 15-Year-Old AiyannaAiyanna is a caring girl who has a great sense of humor and is very funny, creative, and inquisitive.
Wednesday's Child: 16-Year-Old IsabellaIsabella is a sweet, caring and bubbly teenage girl who loves animals.
Wednesday's Child: 9-Year-Old Jay'VaughnJay’Vaughn is an easy-going and humorous boy.
Wednesday's Child: 16-Year-Old MalekiMaleki is very passionate about certain subjects, particularly all things related to Marvel and DC comics.
Wednesday's Child: Siblings Dimas And YasmineDimas and Yasmine are siblings who are looking for their forever home together.
Wednesday's Child: 15-Year-Old TalaysiaTalaysia loves to dance, sing, and be silly.
Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old NylaNyla can be cute and sassy! Her favorite color is blue and she likes cats and dogs.
Wednesday's Child: 7-Year-Old JoseJose is on the Autism spectrum and is thriving with the supports in his foster home, school, and after-school program.

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