Make-A-Wish got creative to bring joy to a local 5-year-old. WBZ-TV's Paula Ebben reports.

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Make-A-Wish Takes Medford Boy Battling Cancer On 'Virtual Wish Tour'Make-A-Wish got creative to bring joy to a local 5-year-old. WBZ-TV's Paula Ebben reports.
Coronavirus Crisis: How To Keep Relationships HealthyWhile many parts of life feel paused right now, our relationships don't stop. A local coach is finding her expertise in high demand. WBZ-TV's Juli McDonald reports.
Girl Scout Cookies Available Online During Coronavirus CrisisWBZ TV's Chris McKinnon reports.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old NathaliaNathalia loves animals and art projects. She is described as “easy going” and “one to go with the flow”.
Avoiding Coronavirus At Home, Plymouth Family Starts Theme Night DinnersWBZ TV's Breana Pitts reports.
Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old ToniToni describes herself as a quiet, kind person who likes to be helpful. She is hoping to find an adoptive family.
Wednesday's Child: 16-Year-Old MakailaMakaila is a friendly and empathetic teenager with a big heart and a warm smile.
Wednesday's Child: Siblings Nikira and NacariNikira and Nacari are inseparable siblings who love to dance. Zack Green took them to Phunk Phenomenon.
Survey: Daylight Saving Time Stresses Parents OutOne quarter of parents say they'd rather take a long flight or car trip with their child than go through Daylight Saving Time.
Wednesday's Child: 8-Year-Old MadalineMadaline is a friendly, talkative eight-year-old girl.
App Monitors Teens' Phones So Parents Don’t Have ToWBZ TV's Kate Merrill reports.
Wednesday's Child: 14-Year-Old KelsiKelsi loves to sing and is very outgoing.
Wednesday's Child: 10-Year-Old NylaNyla loves to be around others and is very social.
Wednesday's Child: 12-Year-Old AlijahAlijah is particularly good at basketball and he enjoys showing others his skills. He is hoping to find a loving family to adopt him.
Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old MarcosMarcos likes attention from caring adults and enjoys a wide array of activities.
Weekend To Do List: Wine & Food Festival; Camping Show; PMC Winter CycleWBZ TV's Rachel Holt reports.
Wednesday's Child: 15-Year-Old KelvinKelvin is outgoing and does very well in school. He is excelling in his academics and math is his favorite subject.
'Look Up Challenge' Encourages Kids To Put Down Their Phones TogetherWBZ TV's Kate Merrill reports.
Wednesday's Child: 15-Year-Old SarahSarah enjoys physical activities, such as riding her bike, swinging, bouncing on a sensory ball and swimming.
Families Fight Back Against New Au Pair RulesFamilies rallied at the State House against new rules that increase an au pair’s pay by hundreds of dollars each week. WBZ-TV's Beth Germano reports.
Families Protest New Au Pair Regulations At State House RallyWBZ TV's Paula Ebben reports.
Family Focus: Study Claims Snacking Could Help Improve A Child's NutritionWBZ TV's David Wade discusses the study with Dr. Mallika Marshall.
Wednesday's Child: 8-Year-Old MariyahThose who know Mariyah best would say she is helpful, bright and very caring.
Wednesday's Child: Siblings Keegan and KyranKeegan and Kyran are playful young boys who will bring great joy to a loving family.

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