Things To Do Along The Charles River – Staff Picks

May 10, 2011 2:20 AM

(credit: AP)

The Charles River in Boston is a great place to go out and get some fresh air, people watch and exercise. Many of us at CBS Boston spend time along the river; I mean, you can throw a rock to it from our building. Here’s our staff picks:
runningfeet Things To Do Along The Charles River   Staff Picks

(credit: AP)

Mike Toole

Web Producer

Mike likes to head to the Charles to go running. There is great scenery to run past, lots of other people running the same route, and the trail is flat, which makes it ideal for long runs. (View: Boston running map)

dogrunning Things To Do Along The Charles River   Staff Picks

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Andrea Courtois

Assignment Editor

Andrea has a dog full of energy, and goes to the Charles to let him burn it off. There are lots of things for him to sniff and explore. There are also lots of other dogs for him to play with and people to meet.

The Charlesbank Esplanade Playground


Lori Lennon

Web Producer

There is a great playground right along the Charles that my little girl loves. We head to The Charlesbank Esplanade Playground to hang out on the swings, run along the grass and check out the cars as they zoom past on Storrow Drive. (The playground is fenced in.) They playground is a great place to meet up with and hang out with other kids her age.

wheel club Things To Do Along The Charles River   Staff Picks

(credit: Charles River Wheelmen)

Seth Szilagyi

WBZ-TV Producer

Seth likes to ride his bike along the Charles. The trails are flat and for the most part well paved, so it makes for a nice, smooth ride along the river. You can go for miles without having to cross the street or deal with dodging cars. (Read: Reviews of Charles River Bike Paths; Join: the Charles River Wheelmen)

kayak Things To Do Along The Charles River   Staff Picks


Kara Matuszewski Sassone

Web Producer

Kara would like to try kayaking on the Charles. There is a kayaking kiosk parked along the river in Brighton where you can rent a kayak or a canoe for $15 an hour or $60 a day. You can paddle along and enjoy the sites of the city without having to deal with crowds or road congestion.

leafmacomber Things To Do Along The Charles River   Staff Picks

(credit: Rick Macomber/WBZ-TV)

Rick Macomber

WBZ-TV Photographer

Rick is an avid photographer and loves to not only shoot video for TV, but take pictures on his downtime. The Charles is filled with photo opportunities – whether it be people walking by, events at the Esplanade or the trees as they change color in the fall.