There are several places in and around Boston that brew their own beer. Here is a sampling. What’s your favorite? Add your selection to the comments section.


Boston Beer Works

112 Canal St.

Boston Beer Works makes its own beer and it changes not only with the seasons, but sometimes even with the month. You can check out the website to know what they’re serving before you head out, and you’ll also find a description of what each beer is.


Cambridge Brewing Company

1 Kendall Square

Cambridge Brewing Company is another place with its own beers on the menu. The selection changes season to season, and the company’s website has a write up on each of the beers. The company also has a beer blog talking about what’s going on in the beer front. It’s not updated often, but the company updates what’s coming up and what to expect through the blog.


Cambridge Common

1667 Massachusetts Ave

According to The Cambridge Common’s website, there are always 30 beers on tap including one organic brew. Of those 30, 16 of them rotate on a regular basis. Previous articles about the Common cite its dark ambience with a more mature crowd.


John Harvard’s Brew House

Dunster St

John Harvard’s Brew House has at least five of its own beers on the menu at all times ranging from a pale ale to a stout. The Brew House also has a selection of seasonal and monthly brews that are rotated into the menu. John Harvard’s Brew House beers are also now served on the ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.


Rock Bottom Brewery

115 Stuart St.

There are several Rock Bottom Brewery locations around the country, including one in Boston. Scott Brunelle is the brewmaster and according to the restaurant’s website, Brunelle’s “appreciation of fine ales and lagers (started) in college.” There are several varieties on the menu, including some that get rotated in during the year.


Watch City Brewing Company

256 Moody St

Watch City Brewing Company has several beers on tap at all times. There are the “norms” including the Tick Tock Ale, but also seasonal beers like “ClockWork Summer Ale.” This brewery also has a blog that keeps folks up-to-date with what it’s brewing and what’s up next.