Best Boston Roof Decks At Restaurants And Bars

June 1, 2011 10:39 AM

When it comes to bars and restaurants with roof decks, Boston tends to be on the lean side of things. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t at least a few fabulous spots worth checking out. Here’s a list of the best roof decks at bars and restaurants in Boston.
tavern Best Boston Roof Decks At Restaurants And Bars

(Credit: Tavern on the Water/Facebook)

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Tavern is situated next to the Navy Yard in Charlestown. It has gorgeous unobstructed views of the Boston skyline. It’s been described as a “beautiful Boston Harbor view that makes other high-end waterfront spots jealous.”

poes Best Boston Roof Decks At Restaurants And Bars

(Credit: The Rattlesnake Bar and Grille/Facebook)

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A draw for the over-30 after-work crowd, the Rattlesnake Bar offers a menu that’s a bit more sophisticated. The roof deck is surrounded by skyscrapers, so don’t expect to much of a view. Rattlesnake’s roof deck has a feel that’s trendy, but not overdone.

fiore1 Best Boston Roof Decks At Restaurants And Bars

(Credit: Fiore)

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You’ll feel like you stumbled onto a secret terrace somewhere along the winding Almalfi Coast of southern Italy. Tucked in the heart of the North End, the walls that surround Ristorante Fiore’s roof deck block out the city and offer a sense of escape. Fiore is a perfect summer setting for a superb Italian dinner.

market Best Boston Roof Decks At Restaurants And Bars

(Credit: Market/Facebook)

Casual elegance might be the best way to describe the experience at Market. Their well-made (read: expensive) cocktails tend to draw a sophisticated and older crowd.

baseball tavern Best Boston Roof Decks At Restaurants And Bars

(Credit: The Baseball Tavern/Facebook)

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The Baseball Tavern sits in the shadows of Fenway Park. If you go on a game night, you are certain to hear the roar of the crowd. The ballpark is your background as you enjoy dinner or a drink.


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Located about a block from Harvard Square, this coffee house roof deck is tiny, intimate and private. In place of cocktails, patrons can choose from various teas or coffees.

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The pool is open to the public from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays. If you aren’t a guest of the hotel, it will cost you $40 to get up there for the day (1/2 price after 3 pm). Described as “the most luxurious of the city’s roof decks,” the roof of the Colonnade is a fine place to kick back and relax more than 100 feet above the hustle and bustle of the city. The poolside-dining menu offers a bevy of frozen drinks to keep you cool in the hot summer sun.