Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like pastries? Better yet, who doesn’t like pastries from the North End? Nothing completes a day in Boston’s Italian neighborhood better than hitting a bakery for a delicious pastry or scoop (or more) of gelato. Here are some of the best pastry shops and bakeries you can find in the North End. – Lori Lennon

(credit: mikespastry.com)

Mike’s Pastry

300 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113

You can usually find Mike’s Pastry by looking for one of the long lines forming on Hanover Street. Many fans of Mike’s rave about the connolis. Everything from the shell to the ricotta, yellow or chocolate cream filling is homemade. I also recommend adding chocolate chips.

Bear Claws are another Mike’s favorite. If neither of those is up your alley, there are shelves and shelves of baked goods to choose from. Know what you want to order before getting up to the counter if you want to avoid the evil eye of others in line.

(credit: modernpastry.com)

Modern Pastry

257 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113

Modern Pastry, also located on Hanover Street, is also easily found by the line that streams out the door on a daily basis. There are so many pastries to choose from, including pies, cakes, brownies, cookies, cannolis… you name it, and Modern probably has it.

Don’t let the long line discourage you. It does move pretty fast. Just be sure you spend your time in line thinking about what you want, so you can order right away when asked what you want!

(Photo Credit: Maria's Pastry)

Maria’s Pastry Shop

46 Cross Street
Boston, MA 02113

For quite some time, the debate has been whether Mike’s or Modern holds the title of “best pastry shop.” Here’s the reality though: Maria’s beats both of them.

Holy cannoli, it’s good.

(credit: AP)

Parziale Bakery

80 Prince Street
Boston, MA 02113

Parziale Bakery is a small bakery located on Prince Street. While they don’t have a huge selection of pastries, like Mike’s and Modern, what they do make is delicious. The cannolis are fresh and their cookies are delightful. And be sure to pick up a fresh loaf of bread while you’re there! Unlike Modern and Mike’s, you rarely have to wait in line for your sweet treat!

Did we forget your favorite North End Bakery? Is there something we missed? Tell us what you think.

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