See a game at Fenway, walk the freedom trail, take a Duck Boat Tour … been there, done that. You’re not a tourist, so why act like one? Be bold, be different, be fun! Embrace the city you love with some great activities that aren’t in all the guide books. Check out some of these hidden gems. – Evan Berenson

Did you know that the Boston Beer Company in Jamaica Plain is the largest American-owned brewery? You would if you’ve ever been on a Samuel Adams Brewery Tour. For a nominal charitable donation, you can tour their facility and sample a bevy of different brews. It’s fun for the whole family (as long as your whole family is over 21)!

(credit: The Burren)

In a city known for its music scene, its bars, and its rich Irish heritage, there’s one place offering a unique combination of the three. Just off the Red Line in Davis Square is a bar known to many locals but not so much to tourists. Offering live traditional Irish music seven nights a week, The Burren also serves up a classic bar food menu and one of the best pints of Guinness you’ll find anywhere in the city.

(credit: Cambridge School Of Culinary Arts)

Taste what it’s like to be a real chef. Prepare recipes in a hands-on environment with help from professionally trained chef instructors. You’ll blanch, you’ll blend and you’ll baste your way to culinary perfection as you cook restaurant quality meals in a real restaurant-style kitchen. It’s like being Bobby Flay, but without all the fame and notoriety.

(credit: Clayroom)

Remember that ridiculously embarrassing coffee mug you painted for your parent when you were a kid that they still keep displayed on a shelf? Well, now you can make up for that mistake. Channel your inner child with a trip down memory lane. And by memory lane I mean Beacon Street. Paint all types of pre-made pottery like plates, bowls, vases, and drink a glass of wine while you do it. Why not? You’re an adult now. You can do what you want.

(Credit: Brattle Theatre)

There are theaters, and there are theatres. The Brattle is the latter. There’s no 3-D, no Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and no stadium seating. It’s just a quaint, quirky, charming movie heaven tucked into a back street in Harvard Square. From classic films, to foreign flicks, to art-house specials, the Brattle is the ultimate old-school theatre experience.

Improv Comedy

(credit: Improv Boston)

Improv Boston

Improv Asylum

Nothing says fun like being spontaneous. And nothing says spontaneous like improvisational comedy. Lucky for us, Boston is home two of the country’s best improv groups. Whether you want to go watch a show or take your own improve class, they offer something for everyone. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you might even cry. But be careful if you do, because they might make fun of you.